Reign supreme with these new G

Giant Industries

Reign supreme with these new Giant enduro bikes

Giant’s Reign enduro bike range now offers bigger wheels and battery power.

Reign supreme with these new G

Giant Industries

The world’s largest cycling company, Giant, has revealed two new enduro bikes which are sure to enliven your singletrack experience.

For South Africa riders who wish to tame the most technical trails, there is the new Giant Reign 29er and for those who prefer assisted pedalling power, the Reign E+.

Both these new mountain bikes cater to an audience and customer profile given to riskier, descent-biased riding and are suitably equipped for that eventuality.

With the global market for eMTBs showing no sign of tapering demand, Giant has expanded its e-bike offering with the long-travel Reign E+ variant.

This is an e-bike for those riders who wish to complete multiple technical downhill descents in the shortest possible amount of time, saving as much pedalling energy as possible on the climbs.

The E+ is assisted by a lithium ion battery and integrated electric motor from Yamaha, which can add 360% of additional pedalling power to a rider’s own input cadence.

Although the Reign E+ is heavy (at 24kg), it is an ideal enduro bike for those riders recovering from injury, or anybody who wishes to have an exceptionally big day out in very steep, technical, riding terrain.

Rolling the 27.5-inch wheel size, it features 160mm of suspension travel front and rear, which should comfortably get you through any rock garden with ease.

Recharging the E+ to 80% of its battery capacity takes an hour.

The 29er riders have been waiting for

For those enduro riders who prefer to do all the pedalling without assistance, and wish to ride the lightest possible long-travel chassis, Giant has finally relented by building a 29er wheel size Reign.

The increased wheel diameter should calm terrain impacts from rocks and provide superior obstacle rollover. Giant’s Reign 29er range all feature 146mm of rear suspension travel, with front fork stroke varying between 160- and 170mm, depending on bike specification.

Four Reign 29er derivates are on offer, with a range of aluminium and carbon frame configurations. Giant designers have also embraced a trend toward longer bikes, for increased high-speed stability, by stretching out the top tube of their new Reigns, a feature which will be appreciated by taller riders.

Global distribution of these new Giant enduro bikes is set to commence this October. South African pricing has not been confirmed, but you can be sure that there will be strong demand for both the Reign E+ and its larger wheeled, non-electric, 29er sibling.