Beer Association Budget Speech

Sin tax always increases every year. Image: Unsplash.

No alcohol, no problem: Here’s why you should have a dry January

If you’re wondering if you should have a dry January, these amazing benefits are definitely the sign you need to put the bottle down!

Beer Association Budget Speech

Sin tax always increases every year. Image: Unsplash.

For many people, alcohol is a part of their daily lives, whether it’s one or two a day they make sure to have their bit of alcohol. Since it’s January, many people are thinking about giving it a bit of a break.

If you’re one of those people who are thinking about going sober this January, this list of benefits may just be the push you need.

No alcohol: Dry January comes with a number of benefits

Here are some of them

Less alcohol more cash

If you’re a drinker then you know, alcohol is expensive. Staying sober in January means you get to save all the money you would’ve spent on buying booze.

And let’s be honest, alcohol is a big waste of money and can’t be considered an investment at all.

Better sleep

If you’re a habitual drinker, alcohol probably helps you sleep better. Quitting drinking in the first week may be hard at first but soon your sleep starts to regulate. According to information from the Priory Group, the quality of your sleep will also greatly improve.

Sticking to your health goals

Drinking alcohol comes with eating a bunch of unhealthy takeaways and even cooking food with very little nutrients.
Quitting will help you focus more on what you’re eating and how much of it you’re eating.

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Getting in your exercise

When the drink starts flowing, all plans for exercising and keeping fit go right out of the window. Taking a break from drinking will make some time for you to hit the gym or d those home workouts you’ve been planning.

A better liver

The best thing you can do for your liver is put the bottle down this January. Each time your liver filters alcohol, some of the liver cells die. They do regenerate but the more you drink the less effective it becomes.

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