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Healthy eyesight: Exercises to keep your peepers in top form

Your eyesight doesn’t need to deteriorate with age. Do these exercises to help keep your eyes healthy.


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Exercising your eyes can keep your eyesight stronger for longer.

Just like the rest of your body, your face and eyes have muscles. Because of overuse, your eye muscles may become weak and you may be unable to see as clearly. If you regularly exercise your eyes you can keep your eyes safe and healthy.

Exercises to improve your eyesight


Rub your palms vigorously until moist, and then gently place them over your eyelids. Let the palm warmth transfer to the head. You can feel the muscles of the eye relax as your eyes find comfort in the night. Persist until eyes completely absorb the heat from the palms. Repeat two to three times daily.


Sit back on your chair or bed with open eyes. Blink rapidly 10 to 15 times. Close your eyes, and take 20 seconds to relax. Repeat five times.


Another successful eye practice is to zoom in. As you might have inferred from the name, you are zooming in on an object to change your vision’s focus. Sit with your arm extended with your thumb up. Now, slowly bend your wrist, and bring your hand closer to your head, until you thumb is in focus.

Shifting your eyesight

Shifting is about shifting the eyeballs or turning them from one direction to another. Look to the right corner, then slowly turn your attention in the opposite direction. With the spurt of blood pumped in from the move, the tiny eye muscles get more active and healthy.

Incorporating certain foods into your diet

Carrot eating is good for your vision. Carrots are rich in vitamin A, an essential vision nutrient. Vitamin A is not the only vitamin that promotes healthy eye function, however. Make sure your diet contains foods that are rich in vitamin C, vitamin E, copper and zinc.

Resting your eyes

It’s good to close your eyes just for a few minutes. If you’re hard at work, you can do this once an hour, or several times. So if your work includes sitting in front of a computer or reading it can be soothing to close your eyes. This exercise, as basic as it sounds, will protect the eyes from over-exertion or fatigue.

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