Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey | The Ultimate Guide

Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey | The Ultimate Guide. Image credit: Supplied

Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey | The Ultimate Guide

(Partner Content) Hair transplant cost in Turkey is the number one reason thousands of patients troop to the Land of Four Seasons every year. Medical services are generally cheaper in Turkey. But when it comes to hair transplants, patients can save as much as 70% of the cost compared to the US and UK.

Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey | The Ultimate Guide

Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey | The Ultimate Guide. Image credit: Supplied

Regardless of the cost, though, Turkey clinics maintain some of the highest standards. Reduced costs and high-end medical services make Turkey an irresistible choice. It has remained one of the top destinations for hair restoration over the last two decades. In this article, we’ll explore the cost of a high quality hair transplant procedure in Turkey and where to get a great transplant at an affordable price.

How Much Does A Good Hair Transplant Cost In Turkey?

Hair transplants can cost as little as $2100 to $4300 in Turkey. This estimate will both the cost of hair transplant and related costs like accommodation, transportation, etc. The cost of hair transplant operations in Turkey is generally three times cheaper than prices in other countries in Europe, where costs range between $4000 to $15,000. 

These are the three main factors determining the cost of hair transplant operation in Turkey:

  • The Technique You Choose

There are many techniques used for hair transplant treatments, and Turkey has hair transplant surgeons for every method. However, the type of method used will depend on the nature of your hair loss, how soon you want results, and, of course, the size of your wallet. 

The most preferred method of hair transplant is the FUE follicular unit extraction method, followed by the FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) method. These two methods always produce a natural hair appearance after a complete restoration, and they also prevent bleeding and scarring during operations. 

Other hair transplant methods like Robotic hair restoration, NeoGraft hair restoration, DHI hair transplant, and Sapphire, are also available. Here’s a small table showing what price to expect based on what method your treatment requires:

FUE1,900 – 2,700
DHI2,700 – 4,300
SAPPHIRE FUE2,200 – 5,400
  • Number Of Grafts

The number of grafts for your hair transplant surgery will depend on the severity of your hair loss. Your surgeon will examine your hair to decide how many grafts will be extracted from your donor area, anywhere from 1,000 to 5,000 grafts. Frontal hair restoration may require just 1,000 grafts, but full hair restoration may need 5,000 grafts or more. Here’s a rough estimate of what prices to expect from hair transplant clinics in Turkey as regards the number of grafts:

  • FUT Method: $1.5 – $2.5 per graft
  • FUE Method: $2.5 – $5 per graft (including DHI and Sapphire methods)

However, bear in mind that since most clinics offer all-inclusive packages, the cost of a hair transplant may not always change with the number of grafts. So a clinic can offer you a floor price for their treatment package (say 3,500 dollars, for instance), regardless of how many grafts you’ll need.

  • The Quality of The Clinic and Reputation Of The Surgeon

Hair transplant clinics in Turkey are world-class, but some are more reputable than others. Clinics and surgeons who have a track record of thousands of successful surgeries, and high customer ratings, will charge more for their services than others, naturally. These well-renowned hospitals value their reputation, so they ensure they give you such a treatment that you won’t require a second treatment session. Clinics like these will mostly offer you special packages to make the offer more appealing.

Why Are Hair Transplants So Cheap In Turkey Compared To Other Countries?

There are several key reasons why hair transplantation operations are so cheap in Turkey. 

  • Competing Doctors and Clinics:

The competition among medical professionals in Turkey is very high. The country has more than 1500 certified plastic surgeons, and every year, the number of available hair transplant surgeons increases, drastically driving down the hair transplant cost in Turkey

  • Low Cost Of Living

The cost of living in Turkey is quite low compared to other countries in Europe. Accommodation, transportation, utility, and workers’ minimum wage are on the low side. This means you won’t be spending a fortune during your stay, and some clinics can cover these costs. 

  • No Taxes

The government of Turkey stopped collecting Value Added Taxes (VAT) from medical tourists seeking treatment, essentially subsidizing treatments. This resulted in a significant reduction in hair transplant price in Turkey.

  • Tourism Culture

Turkey is well known for its hospitality and tourism, and it’s among the top 3 countries for medical tourism. It’s only befitting that medical services in the country should be so cheap.

Is It Worth It To Make A Trip From The US To Turkey For A Hair Transplant?

Yes, it’s worth it. Here are some things you’d benefit from if you make that trip to Turkey for your treatment.

  • Lower cost, same quality.

Whether it’s an all-inclusive package or not, by the time you round up your expenses, you’ll still get major savings after your hair transplantation in Turkey. Getting your treatment done in the United States at the same quality for example costs way more, and you don’t get to enjoy the tourist treatment and all-inclusive offers Turkish clinics provide. 

  • All-inclusive offers

As a hub for medical tourism, Turkey offers attractive hair transplant packages for visitors. These packages help the client save greatly on other expenses that would have been warranted during the treatment. Usually, a package includes:

  • Accommodation (4 or 5-star hotel)
  • Private transportation from your hotel to the clinic and back
  • Translator
  • Free meals
  • Consultation
  • Medications (both pre-surgery and post-surgery)
  • Aftercare and follow-up
  • Haircare products
  • Tours, leisure programs

In addition to these, you get to handpick from a large number of surgeons and hair transplant clinics in Turkey. You can always take your time to find just the right one for your taste and budget.

Is It Safe To Get A Hair Transplant In Turkey?

While hair transplantation is still surgery and things can go wrong since human error is always possible, the procedure is generally safe. Reputable clinics in Istanbul have been practicing the art of hair transplantation for decades, and they’re up to speed with the latest technologies and techniques. These hair transplantation techniques are carried out by seasoned experts, so you can be confident that nothing will go wrong. 

Also, all clinics performing hair transplantation operations in Turkey are accredited by the Turkish Ministry Of Health. These clinics get regular visits from the ministry to ensure they’re meeting the required standard

If you’re bothered about confidentiality, you have nothing to worry about. Turkey has data protection regulations similar to those of other European countries that prevent the details of your operation from being leaked.

What Hair Transplant Package Does Cosmedica Offer?

At Cosmedica, you get the best VIP privileges in a state-of-the-art clinic, and you receive world-class treatment directly from the well renowned Dr. Levent Acar. Dr. Acar is a highly respected expert in his field, with a track record of over 20,000 successful hair transplant surgeries.

Furthermore, at Cosmedica, you’re more than guaranteed a seamless and successful operation because Dr. Acar uses the best kind of FUE hair transplant – the DHI sapphire technique. This technique has the best success rate and also allows for a quicker healing process. In addition, the chances of scarring and bleeding are greatly reduced. All these you get at a very affordable price.