JW Anderson Harry Styles crochet knitting TikTok

Harry Styles makes crochet and knitting sizzle on TikTok

Even since fans spotted the singer and actor in a colour-block knitted cardigan, they’ve been wishing they could crochet like grandma.

JW Anderson Harry Styles crochet knitting TikTok

If you were ever lucky enough that your grandma made you a crochet jersey, it is time to go and look for it in the archives. Because, believe it or not, crochet is cool! If you don’t believe it, Harry Styles himself said so.

After wearing a colour-block knitted jersey for a rehearsal of The Today Show earlier this year, Harry Styles inspired (as always). And that’s when the global TikTok community made it their own.

Crochet trends on TikTok

People from across the world started sharing their own patterns on how to crochet a jersey on TikTok. Now it’s become a trend.

What’s more, the cardigan’s original designer JW Anderson has now decided to grace the internet with the actual pattern.

Anderson took to Instagram to share his absolute delight.

“I am so impressed and incredibly humbled by this trend and everyone knitting the cardigan. I really wanted to show our appreciation so we are sharing the pattern with everyone. Keep it up!”

JW Anderson’s knitted cardigan

JW Anderson  Harry Styles crochet knitting TikTok
You can download the JW Anderson pattern to make the Harry Styles cardigan at home.

The pattern is available at the link in JW Anderson’s Instagram bio. You can now knit the cardigan yourself. Although the original designer garment cost well over R26 000, you will only need enough money to buy a few balls of wool.

The best part? The fact that crochet items are currently some of the hottest spring fashion pieces you can own!

Fashion figure

Harry has always been a fashion figure and has set many trends of his own, but his knit-and-crochet-looks are almost too hot to handle.

He strutted another knitted item in the video for his latest hit, Sugar Watermelon High.

Out of all the many TikTok trends, this one must be a favourite. There are no imminent dangers of using bleach or trying to cut your own hair – just a super cool, retro looking, colourful cardigan.

Head on over to JW Anderson’s Instagram feed and get out those crochet hooks and knitting needles!