Switzerland is the top country for talented individuals

Switzerland is the top country for talented individuals Image: Pexels

Got talent? See which countries are best for talented individuals

Here are the most attractive countries that talented individuals from around the world want to live in right now.

Switzerland is the top country for talented individuals

Switzerland is the top country for talented individuals Image: Pexels

South Africa is not without talent. The country is the birthplace and breeding ground of several talented individuals who have made it on the international scene.

However, many talented South Africans move away to countries where they are more able to fulfill their potential.


Though not all of its talented individuals permanently live in the country, SA still lays claim to some of the world’s most talented people.  

Today the country claims as its own, high flyers such as Tesla founder Elon Musk and transplant surgeon Patrick Soon-Shiong, who are both now based in the USA.


There are a number of countries which attract talented individuals from across the world.  

Results from a survey by Insead Business School have revealed the world’s top countries in this year’s Global Talent Competitive Index report. 

Switzerland emerged as the leading nation in cultivating talent, closely followed by Singapore and the United States.

Denmark, the Netherlands, Finland, Norway, Australia, Sweden and the United Kingdom complete the rest of the top ten.


The Alpine country took the top spot in a ranking of nations based on its ability to attract and retain talent, marking a decade of domination in the index.

Switzerland placed first in enabling and retaining talent categories due to its high levels of social protection and its natural environment.


Singapore and the USA also nabbed top spots on the list, which is dominated by European nations.  Seven of the top ten are in Europe.

Singapore’s educated labour force and its innovative economy helped it take the title as the best overall in global knowledge skills, while the USA placed first in growing talent due to its world-class universities and business schools.


Out of the 134 countries ranked in the index, South Africa has fallen to 68th position, down from 60th in 2022. The country ranked 55th when the Index was launched in 2013.

According to Business Tech South Africa is running short on talent in current times. Many of the country’s most talented no longer hang around to use their skills in South Africa. 

In the past, the country has had a number of eminent talented individuals with skills in various areas ranging from business to medicine to sports. 

South African icons such as heart surgeon Dr Christiaan Barnard, hotelier Sol Kerzner and golfer Gary Player come to mind. Tennis player Roger Federer and comedian Trevor Noah also do the country proud.


South Africa is a nation made up of immigrants. People from Europe, Asia, the Americas and the African continent all constitute SA’s diverse population. 

But sadly, SA has become an exporter of talented individuals in recent times. 


If one travels to far-flung corners of the world, it is not impossible to find South Africans living or working outside of SA.

This is because South Africans are spread across the globe, seeking employment or adventure or pursuing interesting opportunities that often present themselves outside of SA.

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