Cullinan mine tours

Cullinan’s diamond mine no longer offers tour. Image : Lorne Philpot

Gauteng loses tourist attraction: Closure of Cullinan diamond tours

The province of Gauteng has lost a key tourist attraction with the closure of Cullinan’s diamond mine tours.

Cullinan mine tours

Cullinan’s diamond mine no longer offers tour. Image : Lorne Philpot

The small mining town of Cullinan, located just 30 km east of Pretoria, in Gauteng province, is well-known for its underground mine tours.

The diamond mine dominates the town’s skyline and is a major drawcard for international and local visitors to the town of Cullinan.

Ridge Times states that Cullinan Diamond Mine’s underground tours have now been cancelled.


The town, named after mining magnate Sir Thomas Cullinan, is located along the province’s diamond route, which is heavily reliant on tourism.

Cullinan is in some way similar to towns such as Pilgrim’s Rest, located along the Panorama Route in Mpumalanga.

The town exudes character and charm. Its vintage buildings and boutique-style establishments are major drawcards for visitors.

Local councillor Johannes Bekker, said the mine, which has been in operation for over a century, has been a major tourist attraction.

“It has drawn visitors from all over the world to explore its depths and learn about the diamond mining process,” said Bekker, per Ridge Times.

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Cullinan’s railway station is a charming cafe. Image: Lorne Philpot


The termination of tours at the Cullinan Diamond Mine (CDM), one of the only working mines in the world to offer these types of tours, will have a significant impact on the historic village that surrounds it.

“The tours have been a source of income for many businesses in the village, including restaurants, shops, and guesthouses. With the cancellation of the tours, many of these businesses are likely to see a decline in revenue, which could have a ripple effect throughout the community.” Bekker said.


Cullinan’s diamond mine is where the world’s largest diamond, The Star of Africa was found more than a century ago.  

The diamond known as The Star of Africa was on display this last weekend at the coronation ceremony of King Charles III. 


There have been calls from South Africans for the return of the Star of Africa, which is set in the Sovereign’s Scepter and is the world’s largest cut diamond.

The diamond, which weighs 530 carats, was discovered in South Africa in 1905 and was presented to the British monarchy by the SA government of that time, which was then under British rule.

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