From New York to London in an

From New York to London in an hour? A new Airbus has been patented to do just that

Technology is constantly changing the way we commute and if this Airbus comes to be, it’ll take things to a whole new level.

From New York to London in an

It sounds like something from the space age Airbus recently won a patent for a “hypersonic passenger plane” that would make it possible to fly from New York to London in an hour.

Dubbed Concord 2.0, the jet would be capable of flying more than four times the speed of sound.

According to the patent application, the plane would use a variety of engines that would serve different purposes and power would come from hydrogen stored on board.

Turbojets and a rocket motor would see the plane “take off vertically like a Space Shuttle”. The turbojets will be used during take off while the rocket motor will help the aircraft climb to 100 000 feet.


There’s also another benefit – you’ll only have to share the cabin with about 20 other passengers at a time.

But it might be some time yet before the design sees the light of day. Airbus said the designs are based on “concepts and ideas in a very nascent stage of conceptualisation”.