Egyptian Pyramids

See the Egyptian Pyramids of Giza with a free 96 hour entry visa for Eqypt. Image: Pexels

Egypt to issue FREE short-stay visas

Here is a good reason to fly via Egypt on your next international trip. You can obtain a free short stay visa and see the Pyramids!

Egyptian Pyramids

See the Egyptian Pyramids of Giza with a free 96 hour entry visa for Eqypt. Image: Pexels

Egypt will offer free 96-hour entry visas to travellers in a bid to revive its tourism sector. The country seeks to regenerate tourist flows to the country.   

A statement issued by Egypt’s State Information Service says that air travellers can obtain this free visa at Cairo airport. Travellers may enter Egypt for durations of between 8 and 96 hours with this type of visa.


EgyptAir is one of the continent’s oldest carriers. It started operations in 1932, as Misr Airwork but became known as EgyptAir in 1971. The airline flies from Johannesburg to many destinations across the globe, via its hub in Cairo.

A number of international travellers choose Egypt’s national carrier for connecting flights to international destinations. The airline offers some highly competitive airfares and convenient connections.

There is no longer a need for connecting passengers to remain in the airport between connecting flights as free entry visas (for up to 96 hours) can be obtained.


Egypt is an exciting destination steeped in history and culture. Cairo, the capital, is home to a number of attractions including the Pyramids of Giza, the Egyptian Museum, Al Khalili market and the Museum of Islamic Art.

It is easier to visit these bucket list attractions now that free entry visas are provided for connecting passengers.


EgyptIndependent states that this new visa initiative aims to activate tourism flows to Egypt, as part of efforts to achieve sustainable development goals in line with Egypt’s Vision 2030.

Egypt is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. Its history, ancient civilizations, fascinating culture as well as unique natural phenomena including the Nile River and the Dead Sea.


The company says that the 96-hour visa can be obtained upon arrival at Cairo International Airport.

Passengers wishing to take advantage of this offer must proceed to EgyptAir’s transit office at the airport, and complete an application form, upon which they can obtain the visa free of charge.

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