Simba Chips All Gold Tomato Sauce flavour

Photo: Facebook/Simba Chips

Snacks: What SOUTH AFRICAN snacks cost in the UK

Snacks all make us think of home… But what can you expect to pay for Ouma Rusks or Cream Soda if you’re in the UK?

Simba Chips All Gold Tomato Sauce flavour

Photo: Facebook/Simba Chips

Snacks that we all know in South Africa aren’t as common in other countries.

A cream soda isn’t as easy to find in the United Kingdom, and not everyone there knows what Oros or Flings tastes like.

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South Africans don’t have Slim-Jims, but we have biltong.

What do some of South Africa’s favourite snacks cost in the United Kingdom?

Here’s what you might pay for some of your most beloved UK things overseas.

SA’s favorite SNACKS in the UK

If you go into almost any South African store, you’ll alwys find things like Simba and Flings chips. South Africans almost take things like Oros and Ricoffy for granted: but what if you were in another country and couldn’t get your beloved snack?

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Here’s what some of SA’s snacks cost, according to a UK retailer:

  • Sparletta Cream Soda (300ml): £1.05
  • Nescafe Ricoffy (250g): £4.95
  • Oros Squash (1L) £3.40
  • Flings (150g): £2.90
  • Frimax Durban Curry (125g): £2.00
  • Simba Mexican Chilli (125g): £2.30

Source; Sanza

According to XE, the current exchange rate is just over R23 for £1!

This means you could pay more than R23 for a Cream Soda, and R46 for that Durban Curry flavour!

More UK Snack Shopping

Which favourite South African product have YOU been thinking of so far?

If you’re in for more UK shopping, here’s what you can expect to pay for some more snacks that you would find all over South Africa:

  • Ouma Buttermilk Rusks (500g): £4.99
  • Mrs Balls Chutney (470g): £3.99
  • Chomp Chocolate: £1.39

Source: The Savannah

With the exchange rate considered, you would pay approximately R115 for Ouma Buttermilk Rusks, and about R92 for Mrs Balls Chutney.

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How much would you have to miss your favourite SA thing to pay THIS MUCH?

WATCH: Other people try SA treats!

Remember that South African treats might not be as well known overseas!

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When someone tries Cream Soda, it could very well be their very first time ever.

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