Wagyu ribeye steaks

Wagyu ribeye steaks are the ultimate cut of beef. Photo by Racool_Studio on Freepik

Recipe of the Day: Wagyu ribeye steak [Video]

If you want to impress somebody special, here’s a perfect wagyu beef ribeye steak recipe. It’s going to melt in your mouth.

Wagyu ribeye steaks

Wagyu ribeye steaks are the ultimate cut of beef. Photo by Racool_Studio on Freepik

South Africa has some incredible red meat but there’s one style that has become more popular and we’re all here for it, wagyu beef from Japan. The cattle are muscular but they have loads of intramuscular fat which looks like marble and adds incredible richness and flavour to the beef. This wagyu ribeye steak recipe will show you how to effectively cook this sought-after cut of beef that is on the expensive side, but well worth it if you cook it correctly.

You want your steaks to be quite thick and 20mm at minimum, and even though some like their steak medium or well-done, this expensive cut of beef needs to be medium-rare at most. Seasoning the beef is very simple because you’ve got one of the most flavourful cuts of beef where the ribeye cut already has a buttery flavour and the wagyu beef has all of the extra buttery fat. The flavour is there and takes very little time to cook on a very hot fire.

Treat your wagyu well and it will surprise your senses, and the recipe in the video below will show you how to prepare it.

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Wagyu ribeye steak recipe

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