South African Roosterbrood. Image: Unsplash.

Recipe of the Day: South African roosterbrood [Video]

It’s time to invite your friends over, bake this South African roosterbrood and enjoy spring with your friends and family around the braai.


South African Roosterbrood. Image: Unsplash.

It’s officially spring and the braai is set to get warmed up this weekend. This means that you need to pull out all the stops with the feast you’re about to serve to your friends and family. This South African roosterbrood recipe is exactly what you need to go with the boerewors, steaks, chops and sosaties on the braai.

There is only fun to be had with this simple recipe and the bread gets baked on the braai too. Like sourdough, the bread has a very soft interior and incredibly crunchy exterior thanks to being baked in cast-iron. The braai just adds tons of flavour which is why most people just add a slab of authentic butter onto it. You can however make all kinds of sandwiches or dip it into your potjiekos if that’s how you’re celebrating spring.

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South African roosterbrood recipe

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