Soft homemade dinner rolls

Soft homemade dinner rolls. Image by Freepik

Recipe of the Day: Soft homemade dinner rolls [Video]

Start the year off strong by baking these soft homemade dinner rolls. They’re super easy to put together and perfect for any meal.

Soft homemade dinner rolls

Soft homemade dinner rolls. Image by Freepik

There are so many things that stress us out, but baking not only makes something great with dough or batter but working with your hands is oddly therapeutic. Putting together these soft homemade dinner rolls will make you feel extra accomplished and who doesn’t love the smell and taste of freshly baked pull-apart bread.

The breadd dough is easy to put together with ingredients you probably have at home, and it’s a great beginners recipe for new bakers. THese square rolls are super soft with a colden outer shell with those crunchy sesame seeds on top. They’re great with some butter, perfect four soups and stews but you won’t be able to resist just having one as it is.

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Soft homemade dinner rolls recipe

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Friday: 5 January

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