No-yeast raisin bread

No-yeast raisin bread. Photo by Sollange Brenis on Unsplash

Recipe of the Day: No-yeast raisin bread [Video]

Cold and gloomy weather is the perfect time for some baking. This easy no-yeast raisin bread is going to make tea time more delicious.

No-yeast raisin bread

No-yeast raisin bread. Photo by Sollange Brenis on Unsplash

When you’re stuck indoors on a cold and gloomy winter day, why don’t you warm up with some baking before making a warm cup of tea or coffee? This easy no-yeast raisin bread is the perfect weekend snack to go along with your faovourite warm cuppa’ because we all want something to eat along with a warm drink, don’t we?

The batter is nice and easy to put together and you can add or leave out the anise seeds which add to the boost of flavour. The raisins add to the texture and slight savoury nature of the bread. To serve, while still mostly warm, some thick slices with butter and grated cheese is the most popular addition to this treat that pairs perfectly well with tea or coffee.

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No-yeast raisin bread recipe

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