Chicken samoosa filling

Chicken samoosa filling. Photo via Freepik

Recipe of the Day: Chicken samoosa filling [Video]

It is the season of sharing great food with your favourite people. Add this chicken samoosa filling to your snack table this weekend.

Chicken samoosa filling

Chicken samoosa filling. Photo via Freepik

Sharing a love of food is one of life’s true joys, especially when the food is shared directly. Some of the best snacks to share with great people are samoosas. There are a wide variety of flavours and fillings, but today, you should try this chicken samoosa filling. It’s got all of the curry and spicy flavours you want filled into crunchy samoosa pastry.

You’ll be surprised how easy it is to make this chicken mince, packed with herbs and spices so you’ve got a blast of flavour with every bite. You can adjust the spiciness and get creative with different flavours. Samoosa filling doesn’t need too much liquid so that your pastry doesn’t get soaked or leak. Try the recipe in the video below.

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Chicken samoosa filling recipe

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