Butter-basted T-bone steak

Butter-basted T-bone steak. Photo by KamranAydinov on Freepik

Recipe of the Day: Butter-basted T-bone steak [Video]

When you want a restaurant-quality cut of beef, this butter-basted T-bone steak is made just like they do at your favourite steak house.

Butter-basted T-bone steak

Butter-basted T-bone steak. Photo by KamranAydinov on Freepik

Cooking should be one of the most fun experiences, especially when you’re hoping to surprise your guests. The T-bone is an underrated cut of beef, not because it’s without flavour, but because there are so many other cuts we love too. However, this butter-basted T-bone steak is going to change your mind and become the centre-piece of your next feast.

You need some high-quality steaks from your local butcher and even though open coals are a great way to cook beef, a cast-iron pan is the optimal choice here. The butter and herbs flavour the steak with more of that tasty fat and gives it some layers of freshness. The bone in the T-bone actually helps add flavour to the meat, which is why it’s such a good cut. The recipe below shows you how easy this recipe is.

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Butter-basted T-bone steak recipe

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