PapStix: Ready-to-eat ‘pap and

Photo: Facebook/PapStix

PapStix: Ready-to-eat ‘pap and sous’ launches in SA

Introducing PapStix: Ready-to-eat rolls of ‘pap on the outside and tasty sauce on the inside!’

PapStix: Ready-to-eat ‘pap and

Photo: Facebook/PapStix

SA’s new ready-to-eat meal, PapStix is now available to buy online.

Yes, the ready-to-eat rolls of pap called ‘PapStix’ with tasty sauce centres are said to be an affordable, convenient, tasty meal produced through a patented co-extrusion process. These rolls are available in three flavours: carrot BBQ; tomato and onion; and chilli soya and were made “specifically with African food culture in mind”. Each roll also costs around R11.

It is said that additional flavours are in development and could include: soya chicken, peanut butter and syrup, and chocolate.

Heat and eat, anytime and anywhere

“We produce PapStixs which are approximately 70% pap and 30% sauce,” their official website states. “We are food safety accredited and Halaal certified. A convenient, tasty meal produced through a patented co-extrusion process [that you can] heat and eat, anytime and anywhere.”

What’s more, because they are best served hot and come in a variety of flavours, they are ideal for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

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Photo: PapStix/Facebook

An ‘on-the-go convenience meal’

Sowetan Live reports that PapStix MD Grant Merrick said the inspiration was to find an on-the-go convenience meal that is made specifically with African food culture in mind.

These rolls also contains no fried, carcinogenic or synthetic additives and instead contain real food ingredients based on traditional African food culture.

“We use traditional ingredients. Ingredients like maize, tomatoes, onions, garlic, moringa, chilli, paprika, soya, which are supplied by local sources, boosting the local agricultural economy. Quality assurance is also undertaken by our food technicians who strive to achieve the highest national food safety standards.”

PapStix also “serves many markets”.

“The convenience and hygiene allow for the feeding of large crowds of people efficiently. National events catering becomes simplified, and convenient with PapStix. Perfect for sports events, religious gatherings, music festivals, concerts and election campaigns”.

At the moment PapStix are sold online but in the near future the products will be distributed around SA.