michelin star restaurant photos around the world

Photo: Envato Elements

Eight of the best Michelin Star restaurants around the world [photos]

We look through the Michelin Guide and picked eight of the best Michelin Star restaurants. From America to Sweden, here are some of the best.

michelin star restaurant photos around the world

Photo: Envato Elements

The Michelin Star is an accolade coveted by restaurants the world over, but what is it exactly?  And which restaurants have the honour of proudly boasting this hallmark of fine dining? 

A Michelin Star is certainly something worth boasting about, and many restaurants do so very loudly as a symbol of prestige and status which of course brings in the patrons.

What is a Michelin Star?

Many are familiar with the Michelin Man, the tubby character made out of tyres.

Yes,  Michelin Stars and the Michelin Man are indeed related. The company produces both tyres and the annual Michelin Guide. 

The guide was first published in Europe in 1900 as a travel guide to encourage the exploration of the local attractions. It also included anonymous restaurant reviews. 

It initially focused only on European restaurants until 2005, when U.S. restaurants become eligible to earn Michelin stars for the first time. Today there are annual guides for 23 countries. 

How restaurants earn a Michelin Star

Highly trained food critics eat their way around the world bestowing stars to the best restaurants in each city featured in the guide.

Reviewers will focus only on the food, concentrating on the quality, mastery of technique, personality, and consistency. They do not look at the decor, level of service, table settings and so on.

The stars are rewarded as follows:

One star: A good place to stop on your journey, indicating a very good restaurant in its category, offering cuisine prepared to a consistently high standard.

Two stars: A restaurant worth a detour, indicating excellent cuisine and skilfully and carefully crafted dishes of outstanding quality

Three stars: A restaurant worth a special journey, indicating exceptional cuisine where diners eat extremely well, often superbly. The dishes are distinctive, are precisely executed and use superlative ingredients.

Frantzén, Stockholm  Sweden

This is Chef ‘s Björn Frantzén three Star Michelin restaurant in Stockholm, Sweden.

According to the guide, the cooking although making use of classic methods, is creative and modern. 

Guest interaction is an important component of this restaurant. As soon as you ring the doorbell, it begins.

Guests are ushered in to enjoy an aperitif while the day’s ingredients are explained to them.

This one-on-one interaction continues as the chefs present, finish and explain the flavour-packed dishes personally over a beautiful wooden table top.

Distinction: Three Stars 

Cuisine: Modern 

Classification: Comfortable and delightful 

Price: Their fixed menu is 3 200 SEK (around ZAR4000) per guest plus your choice of beverages.

Per Se, New York 

Per Se
Photo: Per Se / Facebook

This is Chef Thomas Keller’s three Star Michelin restaurant. It overlooks Columbus Circle and  Central Park.

There are two tasting menus. The first is a nine-course chef’s tasting menu. The second is a nine-course vegetable tasting menu. No single ingredient is ever repeated throughout the meal. 

The meals are a balanced, varied and use seasonal ingredients, thus creating wonderful flavour and a luxurious eating experience. 

Should you want an extra-lavish dining adventure, they do offer an alternative menu that uses “eye-wateringly expensive supplements” but according to the reviewer, the standard food is more than enough to get your tastebuds dancing. 

Distinction: Three Stars 

Cuisine: Contemporary

Classification: Luxury in the traditional style.

Price: The chefs tasting menu is $355 or R5000 per person


This is Chef Cory Lee’s three Star Michelin restaurant in the heart of San Francisco.

You need to set aside three hours to sample the delicacies this restaurant has to offer. Their tasting menu features a wide variety of seafood and vegetables, a few meat courses, and some sweets.

Distinction: Three Stars 

Cuisine: Asian

Classification: Very comfortable

Price: The chefs tasting menu is $310 or R4500 per person


Photo: Maaemo / Facebook

Their aim is to create a narrative around the clean, bright flavours of Norway. Some dishes take several days to construct. Dishes are based around all the local produce which reflect the changing seasons. 

Distinction: Three Stars 

Cuisine: Modern cuisine

Classification: Very comfortable

Price: The chefs tasting menu is 3000 KR or R4500 per person


Photo: Geranium / Facebook

Chef Rasmus Kofoed’s restaurant is uniquely located on the eighth floor of the National Football Stadium in Denmark.

Geranium uses modern techniques and the finest organic and biodynamic ingredients to create meals that involve all your senses!

Distinction: Three Stars 

Cuisine: Creative

Classification: Top class comfortable

Price: The chefs tasting menu is 2500 DKK or R5500 per person

The Restaurant at Meadowood

Photo: The Restaurant / Facebook

Described as “pure genius”, this restaurant uses ingredients freshly picked from its 2.5-acre Culinary Farm. Perfect for both romantic evenings or celebrations with family, the restaurant provides meals that are the “essence of laid-back luxury.”

Distinction: Three Stars 

Cuisine:  Contemporary

Classification: Top class comfortable

Price: Not specified


Photo: SingleThread / Facebook

Headed by Chef Kyle Connaughton and located in California.

SingleThread offers an eleven-course tasting menu customised to guests’ dietary preferences and restrictions. 

Meals are described as “exquisite” with every detail carefully considered and taken care of. The menu is centred around the SingleThread farm which provides the restaurant with vegetables, fruit, herbs, flowers, honey, eggs, and olive oil. 

The chef is an expert in donabe (Japanese clay pot) cooking and trained in Japan so expect Japanese inspired meals. 

Distinction: Three Stars 

Cuisine:  Contemporary

Classification: Top class comfortable

Price: Not specified

The Inn at Little Washington

This 40-year-old restaurant is headed by Chef Patrick O’Connell in Washington.

There are three different menus, each with a different focus. “Enduring Classics” are updated signatures. “Gastronaut” reflects the kitchen’s ambition.“The Good Earth” offers superb vegetarian items.

Guests do not have to choose a single menu but can experiment with all three. 

Distinction: Three Stars 

Cuisine:  Contemporary

Classification: Top class comfortable

Price: $238 or R3500 per person

For any foodie, dining at a three-star Michelin restaurant is definitely a bucket-list item to tick off. Whilst we do not have any restaurants in South Africa that hold any stars, we do have a Michelin Star-wielding homegrown chef who will be opening up a restaurant on our shores.

Our very first South African Michelin-star chef, Jan Hendrik van der Westhuizen is due to open KLEIN JAN on Tswalu Kalahari. This is a private game reserve in the Northern Cape.

So if you are serious about your cuisine, it may be worth trekking to.