Homebrew is lekka: Mixed react

‘Starbucks’ opens up in Muizenberg. Image via Instagram @starbucks_sa.

Homebrew is lekka: Mixed reactions to Starbucks opening in Muizenberg

Storm in a coffee cup? Muizenberg locals fear the US chain coffee company may put local coffee shops out of business and ruin the authenticity of the beach-side town.

Homebrew is lekka: Mixed react

‘Starbucks’ opens up in Muizenberg. Image via Instagram @starbucks_sa.

American multinational chain of coffeehouses and roastery Starbucks opened a store in the beach-side town of Muizenberg in the Western Cape on 13 August, according to their Instagram account. 

However, residents of Muizenberg have mixed reactions to the chain coffee store bringing in competition to the local coffee shops that already exist in the area. 


Starbucks South Africa has grown from 16 outlets to 25 across Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban after opening its doors for the first time in Southern Africa in April 2016. At the end of July, the franchise opened a store in Parkhurst, Gauteng and now Starbucks is taking over Muizenberg… well that’s what the locals are afraid of. 

Some of the Muizenberg residents believe that there is no place for a chain coffee shop in a town that is booming with local coffee shops, bakeries, ice cream parlours and authenticity. 

“Do we need a Starbucks in Muizenberg when everything is local and authentic?,” asked a member of the Muzienberg Community group on Facebook.

“Please no! Chain coffee shops drain the uniqueness and charm of places like Muizenberg. The local coffee shops are awesome,” wrote a Facebook user.

While other members of the group were happy that Starbucks was setting up shop in their area and employing local staff. 

“Yes we do they will be employing a good few local folk who are desperate for jobs. Once they are trained up they could be able to move on to bigger and better jobs. Let’s stop looking at the negative the whole bloody time and accept new business lines in the area. A new burger venue opened up and nothing was said. Support local,” wrote a Facebook user. 

“Okay, so you all say no because of stupid opinions and not one of you stop (to) think that opening another place gives our locals jobs! Ignorance is bliss,” wrote a Facebook user. 

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Starbucks actually does aim to bring job opportunities to locals and the coffee company affirmed this through their announcement post. 

“Of course, being a South African run business and employing plenty of our local men and women at every level of our operation, we at Starbucks have plenty of partners to celebrate – but today we celebrate your local baristas at the newly opened Starbucks Muizenberg!,” wrote Starbucks on Instagram.

The coffee company also introduced their manager TeeKay, along with his story.

“I grew up in Soweto until I relocated and found myself in Blouberg, Western Cape. At that time, I was a young man fresh out of high school and needing to take responsibility at home when the opportunity to become a Partner at Starbucks presented itself to me,” said TeeKay according to Starbucks.

“I find that I’m always asking myself “what’s next?” which could be part of the reason why I earned my role as Store Manager. The other part? Well, I know what my super power is… despite the odds, I’ve got to keep moving forward,” he added. 

Swipe left for a picture of TeeKay.

Here is a look at the Muizenberg store.

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