Many South Africans want these snacks back on the shelves.

Here are SA snack legends that we miss. Images by Ged Carroll and Bodo via flickr

Gone but not forgotten: SA snack cupboard legends

Here are some SA snack cupboard legends that are no longer available on our shelves, missed by many South Africans.

Many South Africans want these snacks back on the shelves.

Here are SA snack legends that we miss. Images by Ged Carroll and Bodo via flickr

Whether it is the taste, the nostalgia, or the comfort they brought, some South African snacks will forever be in our hearts. Here is a closer look and some reminders of SA snack cupboard legends.

SA snack cupboard legends: Chips

Some of the chips that South Africans miss are O’Gradys, Hula Hoops, Cheetos, and All Gold tomato sauce chips.


Who remembers that stinky, fishy chips from long ago? You could smell a bag of Kreols a mile away! Kreols were definitely a legend (and maybe an acquired taste) in the South African snack cupboard. You either loved it or hated it, and for those who loved them, they were addictive. For many South Africans, Kreols represent a specific time in their childhood.

Kreols chips were taken off the market because the manufacturer could no longer source the key secret ingredient.

In an attempt to get these back on the shelves, Consumers For Choice started an online petition, “Bring back Kreols”.

Lay’s Salt and Vinegar

Lay’s Salt and Vinegar chips were discontinued in 2020. At the time, Lay’s brand manager Wesley Chetty said they conducted research and found this flavour was not performing and therefore they had to discontinue it.

Many South Africans rejoiced when it was back on the shelves in 2021 as part of a UEFA Champion’s League campaign. However, this was for a limited period only.

Discontinued SA sweets and chocolates

Just like chips, there are many popular sweets and chocolates that are no longer on SA shelves.

Candy ‘cigarette’ sticks were very popular among children even though many parents did not allow their children to eat them for fear that it may influence them to smoke when they grow up. The chocolate version was also available – complete with a very thin paper on the outside.

Other highlights in the sweets aisle back in the day were Life savers, dummy sweets that you wore around your neck, Sugus, Sour Balls that were sold in a tin, sherbet dust straws, and Tooty Frooties.

The list of discontinued chocolates is quite long, but let’s reminisce about a few.

Tempo and Chocolate Log disappeared from our shelves not too long ago. In 2017, Cadbury’s Tempo Bar was replaced with its less-popular cousin Cadbury 5 Star. Chocolate Log was discontinued in August 2020.

Other chocolates that bring back fond memories for many South Africans are Perky Nana, Inside Story, Take Two, Cabrio, Caravan, FFWD, and Holey Moleys.

What South African snack legends do you miss the most? Let is know.