coffee lockdown

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Five creative ways to take your coffee during lockdown

If you are missing out on your daily Seattle Coffee fix, here are five homemade coffee-based drinks that you can easily make at home.

coffee lockdown

Image via Pexels

For these drinks, you don’t even need an expensive coffee maker or espresso machine – just plain coffee, milk, cream and sugar varieties.

1. Easy DIY cappuccino

Traditionally prepared with steamed milk foam, the popular takeaway cappuccino is easy to replicate at home. To get the foamy texture, heat the milk in a small saucepan until it bubbles. Pour the foam over the freshly made coffee or espresso, and top with chocolate powder or cinnamon for a fanciful treat. Use cream instead of milk if you prefer.

2. Homemade latte macchiato

Meaning “stained milk” in Italian, this creamy and delicious drink is a combination of warmed and frothed milk with a touch of espresso. Make it simple and steam the milk in a pan, pouring it into a glass and adding the warm coffee on top. The secret lies in the careful layering of the ingredients – first the milk, then the coffee. Basically, you can make any latte drink this way.

3. Tasty mocha

Think of it as delicious hot chocolate, but with coffee instead. Thankfully, you don’t even need a hot chocolate mix. Just add baking cocoa powder, sugar and milk to your plain brew for a simple take on the coffee shop mocha drink. Mix everything together, shake and serve. Alternatively, top the hot beverage with layers of whipped cream.

4. Chai spiced coffee

The sweet-spicy coffee is a popular takeaway, but it’s not as complicated to achieve at home on your own. Create the fine spice mixture – usually a blend of cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, black pepper and ground cloves. To get the right dosage of spice, only use a teaspoon of the mix for every four cups of coffee you are making, as you don’t want to overpower your taste buds. Then add milk, cream or sweetener to your preferences.

5. Irish coffee

If you are lucky enough to have some leftover whisky in your liquor cabinet, blend it in your coffee to make this classic drink. Add three-quarters of hot coffee to a preheated warm mug and mix brown sugar until completely dissolved. Pour the whisky, preferably smooth Irish, and top it all with whipped cream – the heavier, the better. Serve immediately. No whisky? Try mixing with brandy instead, and yes, even rum (apparently it’s a thing – have you ever heard of a Jamaican coffee?).

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