Lift Airline Veldskoen Shoes

Lift Airline’s crew to sport Veldskoene. Image via Adobe Stock

Flying in Veldskoen: Lift Airline expands its horizons

Lift Airline has paired up with a local footwear company, sporting a new look onboard its growing flight schedule.

Lift Airline Veldskoen Shoes

Lift Airline’s crew to sport Veldskoene. Image via Adobe Stock

Lift Airline does it again! The local carrier is an airline of firsts in more ways than one.

Lift Airline is unique and always at the forefront of innovation. Lift is SA’s first airline to offer full flexibility on all flight tickets. 

The carrier is also the first in South Africa to allow passengers to travel with small dogs in the cabin.

Its crews will now wear comfortable and stylish Veldskoen shoes as part of their work attire.


Passengers on Lift’s flights will notice the crew sporting fresh new footwear, thanks to the airline’s new partnership with Veldskoen Shoes.

“We love being able to delight our customers with the excellent offerings this country is capable of producing. But more than that, supporting local producers means supporting the local economy, too,” said Jonathan Ayache, CEO of LIFT.

Lift Airline’s crew in their Vellies. Image: Supplied


The partnership between Lift and Veldskoen Shoes is a reason to fly the South African flag. Founders of this shoe brand, Nick Dreyer and Ross Zondagh have captured all the features of the traditional Veldskoen shoe, but with an element of style. 

“It’s a real privilege to dress LIFT’s crew in our shoes,” said Dreyer, CEO of Veldskoen Shoes

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Veldskoene – colloquially known as Vellies, are a uniquely South African shoe made from vegetable-tanned leather or soft hide uppers which are attached to a leather footbed and rubber sole, without using any tacks or nails.

All products in the Veldskoen Shoes range are manufactured in South Africa. The brand was also selected as the official off-field shoe for Team SA at the Tokyo Olympics.        


Lift is a company that is proudly South African.  It makes concerted efforts to support local brands. The airline has held silent discos as well as live concerts showcasing local artists onboard its flights.

From the complimentary coffee and wine to the food served onboard, everything is crafted and inspired by South Africans. 


Lift entered service during the COVID-19 pandemic – when many airlines were either grounded or struggling to survive.

Since its launch in December 2020, the airline has been an innovative leader in the country’s aviation sector.  


Lift started operations 2 and a half years ago, flying between Johannesburg and Cape Town. The airline has expanded its route network, with the addition of Durban flights last year

The carrier offers flights on SA’s famous Golden Triangle between Johannesburg, Durban, and Cape Town.


Lift is spreading its wings again, with the acquisition of a new aircraft.  Simple Flying states that Lift has taken delivery of another Airbus A320-200, which will be deployed on the carrier’s routes this month.   

LIFT now operates up to 25 flights a day in South Africa.

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