hire a South African

We’ve got maningi problems in Mzansi, but that’s why we’re tough and you should hire a South African. Image: File

FIVE reasons WHY you should hire a South African

We have maningi problems in Mzansi, that’s why God blessed us with thick skins, and that’s also why companies will hire a South African.

hire a South African

We’ve got maningi problems in Mzansi, but that’s why we’re tough and you should hire a South African. Image: File

“Hire a South African, you won’t regret it.” These are the words of global outsourcing firm, Strider Digital, who are championing a growing trend of outsourcing within South Africa.

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On the remote-working map, big international firms are keen to hire a South African because we have the following USPs that are hard to come by anywhere else. A high level of education, plentiful work experience, excellent work ethic and an understanding of diversity. Lastly, the South African time zone is favourable, too, for international companies that outsource.


hire a South African
Unemployment in South African may be high, but South Africans are highly coveted across the world because of our work ethic. Image: File

Moreover, international companies want to hire a South African for all the not-so-obvious reasons you won’t read about on a CV. This is no coincidence, South Africans by nature are incredibly hard working. We do whatever it takes to get the job done and that’s a major asset to companies.

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If you want your company to succeed, hire a South African. Image: File

Whether working locally for an outsourcing firm, or abroad in a faraway country, South Africans have an ability to adapt. We are capable of fitting in with any reasonable work environment and will likely have a good time doing so. It’s a South African trait to always respect our surroundings. So, “when in Rome, do as the Romans do,” really helps us to fit in.

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According to digital outsourcing firm, Strider Digital, South Africans are beloved workers around the world. Images: Pixabay

Call it the Rassie effect, but South Africans really understand that nobody owes us anything in life. We earn and cherish every little scrap. South Africans don’t blame others for their mistakes. In South Africa there is less job opportunity and protection, so we know from a young age that it’s hard work that determines success.

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class in the clouds table mountain
A group of South African students taking a ‘Class in the Clouds’. This is what makes us so special. Image: supplied

Haiybo, we’ve been lied to by politicians for years. So, we don’t beat around the bush, we tell it like it is. Even if that means telling people what they don’t want to hear. And guess what, that is extremely valuable to any employer. They don’t want a bunch of pencil-necked yes-man clogging the corridors. Similarly, hire a South African and you’ll have someone who can appreciate constructive criticism, too.

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hire a South African
It’s not the most fancied passport, but the people who have them are top-notch. Image: canva

We’re from Africa, the continent that started it all, and because of that we have genuine interest in other people. We appreciate that there might be corporate structures, but at the end of the day we’re all people. Co-workers, clients, management, South Africans get along with all of them. Hire a South African if you want strong networks and strategic partnerships.

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hire a South African
Ubuntu means ‘humanity to others’. And it is ingrained in South Africans that, “I am what I am because of who we all are.” Image: File

It’s because there are so few opportunities in Mzansi, that when we catch a break, we are so filled with gratitude we work our arses off. It’s called Ubuntu, and because of it we will do whatever it takes to get the job done, sometimes even doing other people’s work if required. One thing you will never hear a South African saying is, “That’s not my job”. We do what it takes to secure our future.

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