hairstyle hacks face mask

Five hairstyle hacks to wear a face mask in comfort and style

If your face mask irritates your ears, try one or more of these five easy hairstyle hacks to prevent irritation while still looking great.

hairstyle hacks face mask

Hairstyle hacks are always welcome, especially when we are wearing a face mask all day. Often the mask loops and ties can pull on your ears and cause irritation.

However, there are solutions so get your hair clips and accessories out and follow these five creative hairstyle hacks.

Five hairstyle hacks

These styles will take the pressure off your ears, while keeping your face mask intact and in place.

1. Twist-and-clip hairstyle

Twist your hair on the sides at the back leaving a few strands of hair over your ears, hook a barrette clip through the ears of your mask, then slide and snap the barrette to keep the mask in place. Repeat on the other side and just like that you’ll have cute hair and happy ears.

2. The Bandana Mask Hairstyle

The bandana mask hairstyle hacks
The bandana mask hairstyle.

All you’ll need for this easy hairstyle is a bandana, your face mask, some clips and a hair tie. Wrap your bandana around the back of your neck and slip the ends through the ear holes of your mask.

Tie the bandana up and around your head or around your ponytail, the mask will keep the bandana from sliding to the back of the head while the bandana keeps the friction of your ears.

3. Pins-and-Clips Face Mask Hairstyle

Scoop your hair into a low bun or ponytail, or braid, whichever you prefer, and use a bunch of hair clips and pins to pull back your face mask elastics away from your ears. The clips will keep your mask in place while saving your ears from irritation.

4. The Braided Bun Mask Hairstyle

Make this double-bun hairstyle to keep the pressure off your ears.

Braid, twist or pin two side buns, then loop the elastics of your mask around your buns to keep them from rubbing your ears.

5. The Ponytail Face Mask Hairstyle

Tie your hair in a braided ponytail and loop the mask under or through your braid to keep it in place. Alternatively you can take a break from your face mask and use your headscarf as a mask to give your ears a break.