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Five easy ways to make housework feel like less of a chore

Cleaning your house doesn’t need to be painful. Turn it into a fun experience with these five tips.


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Cleaning isn’t always fun, but keeping your home and house in order is essential. Here are five ways that you can make cleaning interesting.

1. Play Music

If you like loud music, soft music, pop music or classical music, listening to music will lift your mood. Make your body move and give your brain something to do while you’re cleaning up your house. Cleaning can be monotonous, but it can bring pep in your step when you sing and dance to music. So think about cranking up the radio while you’re sweeping.

2. Make it a workout

Do you know that you can burn calories when cleaning? You’re up on your feet while you sweep, going back and forth, walking up and down, and lifting and carrying. With the right attitude, this physical activity will turn into a workout. Consider strapping on a pedometer to see how many steps you take when cleaning your house. If you want to turn your cleaning tasks into a workout, try to go a hundred steps further every time. Ironing has also proven to burn a few calories.

3. Turn cleaning into a game

You can make cleaning into a game in the same way as you can turn it into a workout. You can get your parents, your kids or your roommate involved. Assign a certain number of points to every cleaning activity inside the building. Whoever does the job gets the points. Whoever has the most points at the end of the week gets some kind of reward.

4. Involve the kids

Having your kids involved can be fantastically imaginative and enjoyable. Ask them for suggestions about how to make it easier, faster or more fun. They can come up with creative, effective solutions. Some of the best ways to make cleaning enjoyable are to get children to help you create a game, say a story or get involved in the cleaning process. The tasks can get taken care of faster with more helping hands. You can create a better bond just by giving your kids time to talk to you about what happens to them when you clean together.

5. Watch a TV show

Just like listening to music, cleaning is sometimes the only time you get some “me time.” Try using the opportunity to watch, or listen to, what you want to. Soap operas, for example, gained popularity as programmes moms could watch while they were working around the house. When the show is on you should give yourself a break, and then take advantage of the advertisements to walkabout. Watching a favorite show can help speed you right through folding piles of laundry.

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