Survery finds South Africans are obsessed with KFC. Image via Instagram @kfcsouthafrica.

Mzansi is obsessed with KFC and McDonald’s…but are thinking vegan

According to a fast food industry report, South Africans love KFC, Nando’s and McDonald’s although there is a keen interest in vegetarian alternatives also emerging.


Survery finds South Africans are obsessed with KFC. Image via Instagram @kfcsouthafrica.

A new report tracking media conversation in South Africa shows that South Africans love talking about KFC, Nando’s and McDonald’s…but are interested in vegan alternatives. 

The media report acknowledged that the fast food industry received many disruptions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as the different levels of lockdown which restricted operations. 


Media intelligence and social analytics firm Meltwater looked at tweets between January and June 2021 for their Fast Food Industry Stats Report and found that South Africans talked about KFC the most, followed by Nando’s and McDonald’s. 

Chicken Licken, Steers and Debonairs follow respectively. However, South Africans seem to care less about Fishaways, Pizza Hut, Mochachos and RocoMamas.

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UberEats and Mr D are said to drive the growth of the South African fast food market. Although fine dining restaurants also joined the delivery apps, quick service restaurants are most popular. UberEats appears to be more popular than Mr D accounting for over 4 000 mentions while Mr D had 1 600 mentions.

“Home delivery services, such as UberEats and Mr D are continuing to drive the growth of the South African fast food market. This distribution channel has taken on even greater significance during the national lockdown, with these delivery services allowing key industry players to continue to operate, even as consumers spend more time at home,” according to Meltwater.


When it came to topics of interest, packaging took the top spot as the foremost concern accounting for 40% of mentions, while hygiene was second at 30% of mentions and vegan and vegetarian alternatives were in third place accounting for 17% of mentions.

This was closely followed by load shedding at 8% and sustainability at 5%. The industry audience was dominated by Johannesburg, Cape Town, Pretoria and Durban respectively and measured by 58% males and 42% females.

“Consumer choices are driven by a desire for sophistication. They are excitement seeking and moved by taking risks,” according to Meltwater. 

“They consider both independence and taking pleasure in life to guide a large part of what they do,” according to Meltwater.

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