Teenage skincare problems shouldn't get you down.

Teenage skincare problems shouldn’t get you down. Image: Pexels/ Mikhail Nilov

Teenage skincare: There’s simply no one-size-fits-all

Navigating teenage life is tricky enough, struggling with your skincare shouldn’t be. These skin hacks will help combat any skin concerns.

Teenage skincare problems shouldn't get you down.

Teenage skincare problems shouldn’t get you down. Image: Pexels/ Mikhail Nilov

Teenage life is hectic enough without worrying about your skin. And yes, adolescent skin can be a nightmare and embarrassing at that.


Everyday life, hormones, peer pressure, exam stress, image-consciousness, and trying to fit in can cause havoc on adolescent skin.

It is essential to address skin problems and care differently during this stage of life. Not all teen skin is the same, though. Some may suffer from oily skin, others just a few isolated breakouts, and there are those teenagers who may experience severe breakouts. A visit to a dermatologist may be required. 

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Ruan Winter from South African skincare brand Vitaderm says that at every stage of our lives, we need to address skin issues and concerns differently. 


Here are a few tips teens can incorporate into their daily lives to help combat their skin concerns:

  • Yes, the old saying is true: “You are what you eat”. This especially rings true when it comes to your skin, as your skin not only reflects your good eating habits but your bad ones too. Try to incorporate fruit and vegetables into your diet and increase your water intake to help flush toxins out of the body.            
  •  Keeping your skin and hands clean helps to stop the spread of bacteria. Before exercising or playing sports, remove makeup, so the pores don’t become blocked with sweat. Cleaning your skin straight after can help to remove any bacteria. Carry a pack of skin cleansing wipes in your gym or sports bag to make this easy. However, this shouldn’t replace cleaning your skin correctly with your daily cleanser and incorporating an exfoliator twice a week.
  •  Teen’s hair and skin can become excessively oily due to the sebum working extra hard because of hormonal changes. This often leads to enlarged pores and breakouts on the forehead, nose, chin, chest, and back. A salicylic spot treatment will reduce congestion, minimise inflammation and help the skin heal. 
  •  Using an alcohol-free toner after cleansing helps to prepare the skin to get the most out of your moisturiser. 
  •  Even if your skin is oily, it is essential to use a moisturiser still. Choose a light moisturiser, or a protective one, that will calm the skin and provide protection against the elements. 

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