Male, grooming, tips. skincare

Six easy tips to help simplify male grooming. Image: Pexels | RODNAE Productions

The easiest six male grooming tips for the holiday season

Grooming while on holiday shouldn’t be a drag. Here are six steps to help you keep looking your best during the festive season.

Male, grooming, tips. skincare

Six easy tips to help simplify male grooming. Image: Pexels | RODNAE Productions

The holidays are a time to relax and unwind. But, that doesn’t mean you skimp on your daily grooming routine.

Hotter temperatures usually mean you sweat more which can eave you exposed to bacteria, while excessive sun exposure can lead to dry skin and even drier hair.

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With the right products and a slightly adapted grooming routine, you can feel your best and look irresistible this holiday season.

Here’s how, courtesy of Clubman Pinaud.

  • Cleanse regularly
    One of the most important steps in your summer routine is to cleanse your skin and beard thoroughly twice a day. Our skin gets sweaty in the heat, and sweat can get trapped in your beard, resulting in skin breakouts and bad odour. Gently massage your facial cleanser all over your skin and beard, and rinse thoroughly before applying a moisturising product.
  • Moisturise your facial hair
    The warm weather and constant sun exposure can lead to dry facial hair, so it’s important to restore moisture by applying a nourishing balm every day.
  • Shave with an oil
    Whether you’re removing all your facial hair, or just shaping your beard and moustache, we recommend using a shave oil this summer. An oil formula allows for more precise shaving as you can see better, and it provides the skin with a protective barrier to help avoid nicks and cuts.
  • Apply an after-shave product
    If you’re going for a clean-shaven look this summer, you’ll probably shave regularly. To avoid irritation, redness, itching and dry skin, be sure to apply a good quality after-shave product to your skin after every shave.
  • Bumps, be gone!
    No matter how carefully you shave, razor bumps can happen to anyone. Razor bumps take shape in the form of clusters of small, red, or dark bumps around hair follicles. The surrounding skin can also be red or inflamed. If you’re prone to razor bumps, you are likely to be prone to developing ingrown hairs too, which are not only painful but can lead to long-term scarring.
  • Don’t forget to treat your skin
    Our skin is oilier during summer, and if not removed properly, the excess oil can clog pores, leading to breakouts and blackheads. Dissolve surface oils and keep your skin’s oil production under control with a weekly mask.

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