TikTok nail art trends

Images via TikTok/@yodeebs

Brush up on these five DIY TikTok nail art trends at home

Nail down that extra-funky manicure with these tips from TikTokers who have been sharing their DIY secrets over lockdown.

TikTok nail art trends

Images via TikTok/@yodeebs

While nail art used to be for well-trained salon professionals only, lockdown has made everyone an artist. After all, videos on TikTok have made it easy to add flair to your DIY manicure — and you do not even have to spend too much.

Over lockdown many TikTokers have been sharing their DIY nail art secrets. This means that you too can have intricate designs and shapes on your natural nails, from the comfort of your own home.

If you are cursed with weak nails that refuse to grow or you cannot afford an acrylic set, you still can have fun with nail polish.

Many TikTok manicures look amazing on all lengths, especially short to medium length nails.

Here are five ideas for your natural nails – compliments of TikToker @yodeebs – that we think you will want to copy.

1. Colourful French tips

If you are looking for a colourful vibe, TikTok suggests that you take a step back from the mainstream white tips.

Be courageous and try this stylish ultra-modern look by painting each nail tip a different colour. Even the thinnest layer on a nude base can be sleek without being too overwhelming.

Add a matte or glossy top layer to your base to streamline the look.

2. Full glitter set

Although glitter might make you think back to doing crafts when you were younger, TikTok has shown that a full glitter nail set can be surprisingly sophisticated.

Glitter nail-art designs has become a constant favourite over the years among celebrities such as Kylie Jenner. It provides you with that extra edge and adds a little sparkle to an otherwise dull manicure.

If you are not looking to try this out during winter, they are still a good choice for summer.

3. Mini rainbows

Step up your nail game with this trendy TikTok take on rainbow nails.

If your nail polish is looking a little tired and it is time for a new paint job, why not embrace some colour? These miniature masterpieces are guaranteed to brighten up your feed.

4. Cow print

If you are into slightly weird, but still cool, nail-art trends, TikTok has come to the rescue.

Try this super-chic white and black-speckled manicure. If you are looking for a reason to try this trend out at home, celebrities such as Ariana Grande and Kendall Jenner are major fans.

5. Pop sticker art


While it may seem like a small difference, adding pop sticker art to plain nails can totally uplift your mood.

The increasing availability of gorgeous nail polish stickers means you can easily add strips, floral wraps, and even Harry Potter-themed decals.

These funky nail stickers will have everyone asking where you got your nails done!