dr pimple popper

Dr Pimple Popper, aka Sandra Lee. Image: Cover Media Images

Dr Pimple Popper shares her go-to tips for a flawless skin

With more than seven million subscribers on YouTube, Dr Pimple Popper, aka Sandra Lee, MD, is certainly an internet sensation.

dr pimple popper

Dr Pimple Popper, aka Sandra Lee. Image: Cover Media Images

But the board-certified dermatologist “Dr Pimple Popper” isn’t just about offering “popaholics” videos of cyst and blackhead extractions, as she is also committed to offering patients solutions to a variety of common skin issues, including acne and keratosis pilaris.

With Dr Lee’s product line SLMD Skincare hitting UK shores this month, she has shared with us some of her top tips for achieving a flawless complexion.

Don’t use your sister’s skincare products

A common mistake many people make is trying products recommended by a friend or relative that aren’t actually suitable for their complexion.

“Your best friend may swear by this product, and say, ‘Oh, it’s so amazing, you have to try it. It cleared up my acne or made me look 20 years younger.’ But a product your friend recommends is not necessarily the best product for you. People should avoid blindly listening to what others say but instead, combine that advice with knowledge of their own skin,” she said.

“Is it oily? Is it dry? Is it combination? Do you have more of a red base? Do you have a brown base? Are you younger? Are you resistant? Are you sensitive? All these things come into play. I suggest trying a little bit of his or her product rather than buying something to see if it helps you.”

Always wear sunscreen

No matter the weather, Dr. Lee recommends everyone applies sunscreen prior to heading outdoors.

“I know we all know to use sunscreen, but what we often make a mistake about is not reapplying,” the expert commented.

“People still do believe if you get a little bit of a tan, that it’s actually helpful. But actually, that’s your body scrambling to protect itself from the sun. So, you’re already done if you’re getting a tan.

“For a vacation, you can get the fake tan that tints the skin, but if you come back a different colour, you have sun damage and increase your chances of premature ageing and skin cancer. Protect yourself out there!”

Don’t be afraid to seek out solutions

When creating her SLMD Skincare line, Dr Lee set out to make dermatology accessible for all, with the range aimed at those who have already exhausted over-the-counter offerings but may not be able to nab an appointment with a dermatologist.

“We’re all just trying to live our lives and look the best that we can. This is what these products are for. We’re all trying to look better and feel better about ourselves.”

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