Among us tik tok makeup

Crewmate or Imposter? The ‘Among Us’ makeup trend has been trending on TikTok and now, Instagram. Image via Instagram @abbyroberts

‘Among Us’ inspires new game-changing TikTok beauty trend

‘Among Us’ fans are transforming themselves into a canvas for Crewmates and Impostors using makeup and nail art

Among us tik tok makeup

Crewmate or Imposter? The ‘Among Us’ makeup trend has been trending on TikTok and now, Instagram. Image via Instagram @abbyroberts

By now, you have probably heard about the online multiplayer game Among Us, as it has become a hot topic on social media with memes aplenty.

But aside from the Among Us game tips and memes, TikTok beauty fanatics have ventured into recreating the characters with the use of creative makeup and nail art.

What is ‘Among Us’?

Among Us was released in June 2018 and has gained popularity as an online multiplayer social deduction game.

The game takes place on a spaceship where players take on one of the following roles: Crewmate or Imposter.

If you are a Crewmate (up to 10 players), your job is to run between rooms on a map to complete small tasks. If you are an Imposter (ranging from one to three players), your job is to stealthily kill all the Crewmates without the other players discovering your identity.

The aim is to throw an Impostor out of the spaceship or to complete all tasks while the Impostor attempts to wipe out the crew.

With the help of plurality voting, players thought to be Impostors can be removed from the game.

It may not be a new game, but its huge surge in popularity is partially due to the pandemic state, as people are finding new ways to connect, interact and be entertained online.

From online game to TikTok beauty trend

The internet is obsessed with Among Us, so much so that once it reached social media platforms such as TikTok, it instantly became a viral beauty trend.

By simply typing in #amongusmakeup on TikTok there is over 717.2K views for its collection of short makeup inspired videos.

Here are five Among Us-inspired looks by makeup enthusiasts you might have seen on your TikTok feed. 

1. Killer winged liner


Я плачу 😭 Хорошо, что не нарисовала питомцев 🥺💔 #amongus #amonguscosplay #amongusmakeup

♬ Goodbye to a world – Max animaciones

The winged eyeliner is the most popular Among Us makeup look by far with the red-coloured Crewmate –which has gained the tagline “red is sus” on social media — being a fan favourite.

Needless to say, the crimson colour allows makeup lovers to lean into the more bloody and gory looks…

2. Imposter makeup


Mtas horas de trabalho, 1 segundo pra curtir. Quem aí joga Among Us?? #tiktokbrasil #amongusvideo #amongusmakeup #makeup ib: @abbyrartistry @jk.kru

♬ original sound – Noah Miller

Makeup wise if you do not resonate with being a Crewmate, then this is the Imposter look you should be looking for.

This is one of the best Among Us Imposter makeup looks we have come across on TikTok which gives off a spooky and grotesque edge.

3. Space look

In Among Us, if your Crewmates vote and suspect you are the Imposter, you get thrown out to float in space. 

Some makeup enthusiasts took this concept and created space centric Among Us makeup look.

There are a lot of ways to join in the trend, whether you prefer to add glitter or use paint, simply allow your creative juices to flow.

4. Fiery eyes

In the game, whenever an Imposter kills a Crewmate and the body is discovered, an alter goes out to the others for some plurality voting.

The alert is characterised by an animated fire, which the Among Us makeup trend has turned into a graphic fiery eye look.

5. Rainbow Crewmates

This artistic yet adorable approach to the character look allows you to incorporate all the Crewmate colours by going the rainbow route. 

Logistically the game can accommodate ten players at a time, which allows anyone with a makeup brush and pallet to use and choose from a huge range of colour. 

This look will test your patience, but the final look will be worth it!

‘Among Us’ beauty trend hits Instagram

While watching how TikTokers draw tiny space-like cartoon characters from the game on their faces, could be rather mesmerising, the Among Us makeup trend has also branched out to other social media platforms, such as Instagram.

Here Abby Roberts, a social media makeup influencer is seen recreating one of the five TikTok Among Us horror-inspired makeup looks.

Roberts went all the way to space and beyond with helmet and all!

Nailing it

Aside from the makeup looks on Instagram, many users are seen sporting intricately painted nail art. Have a look: