FANTA: Have you tried the NEW

Photo: Coca-Cola/

FANTA: Have you tried the NEW #Whatthefanta?

Fanta released their mystery drink tagged #whatthefanta back in 2022, but it’s taken the company a year to announce what it is!

FANTA: Have you tried the NEW

Photo: Coca-Cola/

Fanta released their mystery drink tagged #whatthefanta back in 2022, but it’s taken the company a year to announce just what the mystery flavour of the soft drink is. Have YOU tried the newest drink from one of South Africa’s most beloved soft drink companies, or are you still unsure?

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Here’s what the mystery flavour turned out to be, and what other WEIRD flavours of the drink you can find outside of Southern Africa.

#Whatthefanta: The NEW Fanta Flavour

Coca-Cola launched their mystery flavour back in 2022, according to news posted on their website.

The #Whatthefanta mystery has kept soft-drinkers guessing for a while about what the drink actually tastes like. Many South Africans love the fruity flavour that’s associated with Fanta, but couldn’t quite figure out what the ‘unknown’ taste of their new dirnk was.

According to the company, it turned out to be a mixture of Lichi and Berries!

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Were you a fan of the new South African taste, or do you prefer your soda in more classic form like the orange can or bottle?

Fanta & More: Other WEIRD soda flavours

This isn’t the first time Coca-Cola have released weird, new flavours to the market. In fact, there are some pretty weird and interesting productes you can find these days, and it’s not just limited to the type of Fanta that’s for sale.

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Here are some of the strangest tastes you can find in a can.

Fanta Guarana

Guarana is a type of plant found in the Amazon, usually claimed to give people that extra boost of energy they might need to get through their day. It’s usually found in energy drinks like Red Bull, but for a limited run you could locate something called Fanta Guarana.

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Amazingly, the plant isn’t known for its fantastic taste.

Coca-Cola Green Tea

Green tea and bubbles don’t mix for everyone. Stil, in 2019 Coca-Cola released a new brand of Coke to consumers in Japan infused with extract of this leaf.

Coca-Cola Ginger

According to Mashable, Coca-Cola released its limited edition Ginger-flavour Coke to Australia back 2016. While it’s been available overseas for several years, South Africans would probably just buy a Stoney!

What do YOU miss?

Are there any soft drink flavours that YOU miss?

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