Go-Slo BBQ snack and Apple munch ice lollie

Go-Slo’s BBQ snacks and Apple munch ice lollies. Images via X @Zweli_Thixo

Woolworths responds to R100 Go-Slo’s snacks on ‘website’

Woolworths responds to social media reports that they are selling Go-Slo’s BBQ snacks for R100 per pack and Apple munch ice lollies.

Go-Slo BBQ snack and Apple munch ice lollie

Go-Slo’s BBQ snacks and Apple munch ice lollies. Images via X @Zweli_Thixo

Mzansi’s favourite retailer Woolworths, aka Woolies, rubbishes social media reports that it is selling Go-Slo’s snacks.


Social media user @Zweli_Thixo took to X on Wednesday, 22 May to share a screenshot of a fake Woolworths website that sells Go-Slo’s snacks.

“Someone stop Tyla, I think she’s trying to ruin our economy, these were cheap snacks for us.”

Woolies replied: “Guys…What! We must admit, Apple Munch is the Queen of Bompies by the way. Period.”

The website reveals that one packet of Go-Slo’s is sold for R99.99, while one Apple much ice lollie is sold for R16.99 each.

Another social media user @GrettamuambaG asked the retailer: “@WOOLWORTHS_SA, any reason why we buying snacks for R99.99?”

The retailer responded: “Hi Gretta, thanks for reaching out to us. This is a fake website; it does not belong to us.”


@Zweli_Thixo: “After seeing the comments, I want some WOOLIES X TYLA We are ready.”

@TheRealSmomoh: “They better stop her ASAP before we boycott her.”

@sthedoingthings: “Tyla is putting the products out there.”

@Matema_: “It’s time to find new snacks.”

@Ke_Arturo: “Please touch black label my dear Tyla.”

@VinDollar016: ” she is saving … She doesn’t want to overspend.”

@BafanaSurprise: “Bro you’ve got to be kidding, this can’t be the truth.”

@that_x_oh_: “This can’t be real, R100 for Go-Slo’s?”


The Citizen reports that Tyla‘s new music video had South Africans concerned over the price of Go-Slo’s snacks going up.

South Africans feared that the price might increase after the musician endorsed the brand in her music video.

The popular snacks that come in a variety of flavours are mostly sold in foreign-owned tuck shops.

Go-Slo’s snacks are currently sold between R7 and R10, according to the publication.

Award-winning amapiano musician, Uncle Waffles was also spotted enjoying the popular snacks in an X post in 2023.

The South African reached out to Woolworths South Africa for a comment, who were not available at the time of publishing this article.

Fake Woolworths website. Image via X @Zweli_Thixo