Faith nketsi chanel bag

Faith Nketsi. Image via Instagram @faith.nketsi.

Put some clothes on: Faith Nketsi slammed over racy bikini pics

Faith Nketsi was told to cover up a little after she shared some raunchy snaps of herself in a barely there bikini.

Faith nketsi chanel bag

Faith Nketsi. Image via Instagram @faith.nketsi.

For years now, Faith Nketsi has been slammed online as a “slay queen” and an “it girl”. Many have also made comments about how she is “for the streets” and not “marriage material”. She recently shared a series of bikini snaps showing off her tiny waist which got her a lot of compliments and an equal amount of hate comments.

It would appear she has grown accustomed to these and doesn’t even bother clapping back anymore.

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Faith Nketsi shows off famous curves

Former pro-twerker Faith Nketsi has quite a reputation as a baddie and it doesn’t look like she minds. The reality TV star did however get married and have a baby despite people labelling her as someone who is not marriage material.

After taking to Instagram to show off her tiny waist and wide hips, many have doubled down on those kinds of remarks about her.

Faith Nketsi
Faith Nketsi has been trending all week. Image via Instagram @faith_nketsi

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“What have you been up to: Me: straight chilling,” she captioned the pics of her body which many in the past have insisted she had surgically enhanced.

Take a look at the snaps below:

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Tweeps weigh in

While some remarked that it really shouldn’t be such a surprise to see her in a bikini since she is well known for showing off her body. Others said that she should cover up.

Take a look at some of their comments below:

“Cover your body” wrote one person while another said:

“Put some clothes on.”

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