Ever wondered what sugar does

Ever wondered what sugar does to your brain? Well, check it out

Although sugar is in almost all processed foods, we are always advised to take it in moderation because of its dangers, here’s why.

Ever wondered what sugar does

Several dietitians and nutrition experts always warn us against sugar and its ill effects which arguably makes it public enemy number one.

Trying to steer clear of it is a losing battle though because you find it in almost all processed foods.

And it’s so inviting, think of your favourite donuts, cakes, soft drinks, butter and others.

But as you know too much of everything is never any good.

The recent announcement of taxation on sugar-sweetened beverages to help reduce excessive sugar intake gives an indication that there should be a limit to abide by.

Granted though, the taxation bill is meant to fight more than just consumption but it’s a start.

If you’ve never quite made the connection, perhaps explaining what sugar does to your brain will help you understand.

In our brains, we have chemical receptors called dopamine which are not evenly distributed and are really our ‘reward system” or “pleasure centre”.

When you eat sugar, it spikes up dopamine but when taken in moderation the levels balance up, in other words if you take less sugar your dopamine levels remain steady.

But if you take too much of it, the levels increase and eventually causes ‘sugar cravings’. Basically dopamine makes you crave what you eat most.

Honestly, if I seem to be speaking Greek or some foreign language you do not understand, watch this TEDTalk video below, it will help you understand better: