Watch Load shedding SUSPENDED on TUESDAY video

This is Eskom’s rather dismal load-shedding record this Christmas. Picture: File.

ESKOM sets dismal load-shedding record this Christmas

Today marks an unenviable load-shedding record. Here’s how the power utility managed to keep the lights ON for the longest run in 2023 …

Watch Load shedding SUSPENDED on TUESDAY video

This is Eskom’s rather dismal load-shedding record this Christmas. Picture: File.

Today marks an unenviable and rather sad load-shedding record for Eskom. Tuesday 26 December 2023, represents the longest run of consecutive days that state-operated power utility, Eskom, has managed to keep the lights ON in 2023.

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Earlier in the month on Thursday 14 December 2023, Eskom said improvements to generation capacity and a de-escalation in power usage allowed it to suspend load-shedding indefinitely. That was 12 days ago, which means when by end of today, the power would have been on for the longest unbroken steak of 2023.


load-shedding record
Eskom has achieved a record for keeping the lights on in 2023. Image: iStock

Of course, it’s wonderful to have the lights stay on for the December holidays, and long may it continue. But it’s also a rather dismal load-shedding record to have to boast about. The previous longest streak of uninterrupted power was 9 days in October 2023 during the Springboks run to World Cup glory.

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Eskom has achieved this load-shedding record of sorts due to demand trending lower, breakdowns decreasing, and the return of Koeberg to the power supply, reports Business Tech. The government utility claims demand drops significantly due to industries shutting down over the holidays, too.


Eskom’s dirty pollution
Eskom’s massively dirty pollution from its coal-fired plants. Picture: Waldo Swiegers/Bloomberg via Getty Images.

Nevertheless, this period of sustained lights-on won’t fool sceptical South Africans. According to IOL, EskomSePush (ESP) calculated that South Africa endured 300 days of load-shedding by the beginning of December. That’s more than 6 215 hours. If you have the ESP app you can check the hours/days load-shedding record in your suburb by clicking ‘2023 Wrapped’.

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According to an Eskom report from earlier this year, between 1 April 2022 and 31 March 2023, there were 280 days of load shedding. Significantly up on the 205 days of load shedding recorded for the same period one-year prior. That represents a 30% worsening over one year.

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