World Oceans Day

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Making waves: World Oceans Day 2020 celebrated virtually

World Oceans Day aims to remind us why the ocean is important and highlights the biggest threats it faces.

World Oceans Day

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8 June is dedicated to celebrating the role that oceans play towards life on Earth and how humans can sustainably manage the world’s oceans. World Oceans Day is usually commemorated by invite only; this year anyone can stream the events on the website from home.

“Innovation for a sustainable ocean” is the theme for 2020.

Virtual World Oceans Day

The virtual events are produced in partnership between the UN and Oceanic Global. The online events include; workshops, conservation and innovation talks to instill optimism. Model and actor, Cara Delvigne will lead the panels and presentations of the day including overseeing keynote speakers; Ali Velshi and Jean-Michel Cousteau. The event concludes with a concert for the ocean, headlined by British singer, Ellie Goulding.

To take part in the virtual events online click here:

The importance of oceans

Apart from providing life to ocean animals, the ocean creates a livelihood for three billion people worldwide.

The ocean is often overlooked for the role it plays in lessening the impacts of global warming, with 30% of carbon dioxide produced by humans being actively absorbed by the oceans across the planet.

There are small but necessary things you can do to help with ocean protection. Conservation efforts are crucial. Many restaurants have banned the use of plastic straws, so investing in a metal or reusable straw is just one positive change that you can make. Using cotton shopping bags instead of plastic bags is also a small step in the right direction, as well as picking up plastic and litter along the coast during a beach walk. Use environmentally-friendly detergents because what goes down the drain ends up in the oceans.