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Blooming business: Mother City flower sales boom amid COVID deaths

Cape Town florists say business is booming but it’s a bittersweet celebration as the demand for flowers have only risen due to COVID-19 related deaths and funerals.


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COVID-19 has ruined a lot of things for many people as it continues to wreak havoc across the world. Life as we knew it is no longer the same as we adjust to living in fear of catching the deadly virus. For Cape Town florists though, the coronavirus has brought a lot of new business as flower orders for funerals have skyrocketed!

Flower power: Business blooms for florists as Covid-19 funeral orders skyrocket

A few months ago undertakers raised concerns over the lack of coffins since COVID-19 struck. The world watched in horror as funeral parlor owners shared how they were worried that Gauteng may run out of coffins to bury all those who lost their lives due to COVID-19 related illnesses.

Now it seems that COVID-19 is not only putting pressure on the coffin business but also growing flower businesses which have seen exponential growth since COVID-19 first hit. According to florists in Adderly Street Flower Market, Cape Town, they have seen an influx in orders for flower arrangements for condolence messages, funerals, and memorial services.

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Cape Florists share their thoughts

Sisters Alison Snyders and Karin Bachmann who are both in the flower business and have stalls at the flower market say that ever since the country went into adjusted lockdown level 4, the demand for flowers has risen.

“It’s still in high demand. It was mostly Covid-related or sudden deaths,” said Snyders in an IOL article.

“It started to increase about three months after we were hit with the Covid-19 pandemic in South Africa and up until now it hasn’t really slowed down, to be honest. We are definitely experiencing a lot of Covid-19 deaths,” said Faldiela Gamieldien in the same article.

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