Emtee says he isn’t using drugs. Photo: Instagram/ Emtee

South African rapper Emtee claims his estranged girlfriend is abusing him

#PrayForEmtee trended on social media after the rapper claimed his estranged partner is abusing him.


Emtee says he isn’t using drugs. Photo: Instagram/ Emtee

The South African rapper Mthembeni Ndevu, better known by his stage name Emtee, recently claimed that his partner has been physically abusing him for years.

Emtee’s abuse allegations

It is reported that the hashtag #PrayForEmtee trended on Twitter during the past week after Emtee came out and claimed that he had been suffering abuse at the hands of his longtime partner Nicole Kendall Ndevu (neé Chinsamy). The young couple have two children together but Emtee has claimed that he is willing to split up the entire family just to be free from the alleged abuse.

According to Times Live, the rapper claimed that Nicole was allegedly “controlling and physically abusive” towards him – and that he was staying at a friend’s house after she allegedly locked him out. In a series of tweets, which has since been deleted, Emtee went as far as claiming that Nicole abused him with the help of her family members and that Nicole would call on them every time the couple didn’t see eye to eye. 

“Somebody please help! She has even called the police on me twice, but I was completely innocent,” he tweeted. “They even took my weed. She says I hit her but it is the other way around, and she cusses at me. I do not want anything now. She calls her very buff brother, uncles and even her mother to come and hit me.”

Nicole breaks her silence

Taking to Instagram, Nicole released a statement in which she labelled the abuse accusations as “false” and an “attack” on her character.  

“I would like to address the false accusations made against me by Mthembeni Ndevu (Emtee’s real name). Firstly the claim made by Mthembeni that I physically abuse him is completely false and is a fabrication designed to attack my character,” her statement read.

Nicole further said that there were many other things that had happened behind the scenes, which she had refused to bring into the public eye for the sake of her children. 

“I will no longer protect someone who is trying to destroy my life by making false accusations about me. This is a blatant attempt to tarnish my name and my family’s name. The truth as to the core reason for the public fallout will be revealed,” Nicole wrote.

Previous allegations

According to All4Women, the controversial rapper has found himself trending on a number of occasions this year. First, it was #FreeEmtee – a bid to have him released from his previous record label, Ambitiouz Entertainment.