Coffee doughnuts

Coffee doughnuts: Cream-filled treats perfect for Easter weekend. Photo by Marele van Zyl

eKasi eats: South Africa’s four sweetest township desserts

eKasi has many things making it unique. Here’s more about the sweetest (and best) desserts you’ll find in SA’s townships.

Coffee doughnuts

Coffee doughnuts: Cream-filled treats perfect for Easter weekend. Photo by Marele van Zyl

eKasi has many things making it unique.

South Africa’s townships have a vibrant culture that you’ll only see in one place. It’s where you’ll see hairdressers and fried chips, chickens and goats, and someone selling South Africa’s sweetest township desserts.

eKasi certainly has no shortage of great desserts.

What can you get with a budget of less than R15 and a sweet tooth?

Southern Africa has a plethora of great desserts to write home about.

Here’s more.

eKasi eats: Banana Slices

Banana slices cost about R8 to R15 per serving.

They’re made from flour, sugar, some salt, and baking powder. The recipe, of course, also gets some mashed bananas – or they’d just be called cake slices.

Banana slices date back to the 1930s, says King Arthur Baking. They became more popular as flour, baking soda, and bananas were more accessible ingredients at the time.

There’s nothing better for a quick, healthy energy boost.

eKasi eats: Cream Donuts

You’ll find these doughnuts in packs of four (or more), costing under R20.

It’s a simple, sugary doughnut filled with cream. Sometimes, there’s also a cherry on top.

According to TheTakeOut, these are also called Long Johns. The name distinguishes them from the round, holey ones with glazing.

Share them with your bestie. You can’t eat just one, but you shouldn’t try to eat six!

eKasi eats: Sno(w) Balls

The Snowball is synonymous with eKasi eating.

According to, “Sno-Balls” were first made by Hostess in 1947.

They’re sweet and coconut-covered, called Snowballs because of their appearance. You’ll only know what it tastes like if you’ve eaten one before!.

South African snowballs also contain a layer of jam (“jelly”) and cream filling.

It’s arguably the sweetest eKasi dessert.

South Africa probably sells thousands of these each day.

They’re a quick and popular kind of dessert found almost everywhere. It’s a great sugar rush, and they always taste better when they’re fresh.


Scones are a famous international dessert.

Who could ever hate one of these?

Eat them, or smear them with your chosen toppings. Coffee and tea accompany them well, too.

Scones are also highly popular.

You’ll find scones everywhere, especially where you’ll find snowballs too.

What’s your favourite South African township dessert?

Simple, sweet, and delicious.

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