Post Office

Parcel from Post Office. Image via Facebook

SA Woman receives ‘missing’ parcel from Post Office 13 years later

A Durban woman was left without words when the South African Post Office delivered her missing parcel 13 years later.

Post Office

Parcel from Post Office. Image via Facebook

The Durban woman Sanja Hanekom revealed on her Facebook account on Wednesday, 7 June that she finally got the parcel she was expecting 13 years ago via the South African Post Office.

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IOL reports that the South African woman Sanja Hanekom, who is a stay-at-home mom from Kloof revealed said she had received two notices in her post box; one of them a final notice to collect a parcel from the local Post Office.

Hanekom added that the document said she had to pay R65 for the parcel to be released and she and her husband were confused as they were not expecting any parcels. They rushed to get the parcel as they wanted to see what all this is about.

“On our way to the Post Office, the conspiracy theories were in full swing. My hubby’s darkest predictions and mine hoping the parcel may contain stacks of bank notes.”

“As we entered the vacant post office, we approached the postal office teller and handed in the printed pages promptly. We stood there mesmerised in bemusement while she dragged out a huge, heavy, battered up, and excessively taped up parcel, which she handed to us over the counter. There it is. We looked at each other in disbelief. “Can you tell us who sent the parcel? . She mumbled something inaudible. I pointed to the parcel. The originating postal stamp clearly stated in red 2010.”

The publication reports that inside the box was a tea pot (in perfect condition), a pair of sneakers, a broken strainer cup, boxes of tea and a collection of interior design magazines.

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Ruth Shalom: “Hi just read this on Opera News and I searched for you. This is awesome. I hope your dad is still around to know that you received his parcel…. Keep it safe. Whatever it is. It will be memorable.”

Bonga Mthembu: “Wow! Post Office started to be inefficient long before SA problems started.”

John Arthur Morris Fox: “Sanja Hanekom you must do an UNBOXING video as this is essentially a time capsule and no longer a parcel.”

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