DSTV Prices April increase

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DStv prices to increase from next week – be prepared for higher bills

From 1 April, DStv subscribers will see their bills increase. Here’s what you need to know about the annual price hike, and how it’ll affect you.

DSTV Prices April increase

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Consider this a public service announcement: DStv will be implementing its annual price increase on Thursday 1 April, meaning that millions of customers will be asked to cough-up even more for the subscription service.

How much more will we be paying?

Although a lot of the increases are nominal, some customers could be paying R192 more for their DStv package over the course of the next year. Premium, Compact, and Compact Plus customers are looking at an extra R10 monthly, (R120 per year), whereas the DStv Family Bouquet rises by another R16 each month.

Simon Camerer is the Chief Operating Officer for MultiChoice. He claims that the latest price schedule has ‘been kept under control, with increases averaging at about 2.4%. Camerer also suggests that customers should consider a move away from monthly payments, and instead negotiate a ‘long-term contract’ to save themselves some money.

“We have done our best to keep the prices under control. On a weighted average basis, you’re looking at a 2.4% increase. Consumers can, however, get better pricing and save on decoder and installation costs if they sign up for a longer-term contract rather than being on a month-to-month payment plan.”


DStv Premium prices will now reach R829 each month, or R9 948 each year. Those who subscribe to the Compact Plus package will be billed R6 348 over the course of the next 12 months, with those on Compact forking out R4 788 annually. Family and Access packages come with the cheapest yearly fees, totalling R3 348 and R1 320 respectively.

ServiceCurrent priceNew price starting in AprilTotal increase in RandChange in percentage
DStv PremiumR819R829R10+1.2%
DStv Compact PlusR529R539R10+1.9%
DStv CompactR399R409R10+2.5%
DStv FamilyR279R295R16+5.7%
DStv AccessR110R115R5+4.5%
Access Fee (for installation)R100R105R5+5%
Box office add-onsR35R40R5+14.2%