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DStv Communities: Introducing communal viewing subscriptions for groups and stokvels

DStv Communities is a new subscription package for stokvels and social clubs. You get a cash-back too.


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Multichoice on Wednesday 19 August 2020 introduced DStv Communities, a new subscription package perfect for stokvels, burial societies and social clubs to sign up as a group, save money and earn benefits.

“DStv Communities offers active qualifying groups the opportunity to sign up for each member’s choice of DStv packages, make one collective payment, and reap a host of benefits, in the process”.

DStv Communities – What you need to know

Who qualifies to sign up for the communal viewing subscription package? Some of the examples provided by DStv include rotational stokvels, burial societies, grocery stokvels, investment stokvels and social clubs.

Qualifying criteria

“Other types of groups” may also participate, if they meet the qualifying criteria. DStv explains:

“A fundamental is that the group must have, at its heart, the objective of saving as a group”.

Earn money back

In addition, qualifying groups will “earn rebates for all members”. This will be calculated based on the number of active customers; as well as the number of active days and “the usage of value-added services”, such as BoxOffice rentals.

“The rebate is paid out as a cash-back every six months.”

Yep, that means more moola in your pocket! Furthermore, individual members will receive individual statements and communication from DStv and will be able to access the company’s self-service platforms.

In addition, the group will be issued monthly rebate statements in order to see how the stokvel or social club as a whole is performing.

Less ching ching, more watch watch

The excitement is tangible, to say the least. Twitter was abuzz after DStv’s announcement, with one netizen saying it is “such a legit alternative to being scammed on WhatsApp stokvels”. Another added:

“Remember we used to denounce DStv and telling them what to do during Lockdown? Well guess what, they out here giving you many options, many choices and less ching ching, more watch watch”.

Another said it “sounds like a smarter way of ensuring you don’t have to stress about payments every month”.

DStv announcements: New channels, new features

DStv also announced today that three new Pan-African channels will be made available soon.

In addition, the DStv Add Movies feature will allow members on the Compact Plus, Compact, Family, Access and EasyView packages to sign up for M-Net Movies 1, M-Net Movies 2 and FliekNET.

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