The drive-in: New cinema exper

Photo: MotherCityDriveIn/Facebook

The drive-in: New cinema experience to launch in Cape Town

Those who are missing the movie theater experience, can look forward to the launch of a new drive-in in Cape Town.

The drive-in: New cinema exper

Photo: MotherCityDriveIn/Facebook

It was recently announced by ‘Mother City Drive In‘ that a new cinema experience in the form of a drive-in will be launched in Cape Town soon.

It is said that this is the first cinema of its kind in Cape Town in recent years.

Bring back the drive-in

It looks like a new drive-in movie theater and restaurant are in the works as social distancing has become the norm due to the world’s recent health pandemic.

The news comes after ‘Mother City Drive In’ posted a “coming soon” notice on their Facebook page. The page, that was created on 19 May 2020, gave little away for their future plans, but did say that “more details will be released soon”.

“Coming soon, providing a safe, social distancing friendly environment for all ages!” various posts of the same nature reads.

Brace yourselves for the return of the drive-in

As we slowly prepare for the advent of a new normal, industries across the world are scrambling to figure out what exactly that will look like.

According to Time Out, the film industry, which was hit hard by the complete shuttering of movie theatres across the globe, has come up with different strategies to provide entertainment while still abiding by stay-at-home orders. And of course, because of this, people in the industry are trying to find ways to put folks in front of some sort of large screen – like that of a drive-in movie theater.

And with the return of the movie drive-in, the world’s first drive-in raves are also being held in Germany.

As of recently, Club Index (a superclub in the town of Schüttorf in Lower Saxony) hosted one of the world’s first drive-in raves – after which footage from the night went viral.

The club set up a festival stage, full sound system and lighting rig in its car park, and put on three ‘Autodisco’ parties for 250 cars (with two attendees allowed in each) from 30 April to 2 May. Videos from the nights show drivers honking horns and flashing lights in time to live sets from DJs including Devin Wild, Nitefield and MarvU.