Matthew lani

“Dr Matthew Lani”. Image via Twitter @1992finest

‘So-called Dr Matthew Lani’s actions put a strain on me’: Real Dr Zingelwa

The real Dr Sanele Zingelwa has broken his silence after famous Tik Tok influencer, Dr Matthew Lani, allegedly posed as him.

Matthew lani

“Dr Matthew Lani”. Image via Twitter @1992finest

Dr Sanele Zingelwa, whose identity was allegedly stolen by a social media influencer called Dr Matthew Lani, says the saga has put a strain on him and his family.


Zingelwa, who is a second-year medical intern at the Tembisa Provincial Tertiary Hospital, released a statement distributed by the Gauteng Department of Health addressing the alleged imposter’s claims and further revealed that he opened a case against him.

“I have noted with dismay and shock a gentleman who has stolen my identity on social media platform TikTok recently and has presented himself as a medical doctor in one of the health facilities in Gauteng,” the real Zingelwa said in a statement.

“I must put it on record that I do not know the so called ‘Dr Matthew Lani’. His actions have put a huge amount of strain on not only myself, but also on my family. It is unfortunate that he would abuse social media for his own selfish end,” he continued.

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Dr Zingelwa said that he has opened a case of identity fruad with the South African Police Service (SAPS).

“I hope the bogus doctor will be brought to justice. I would like to request that the SAPS and the whole justice system to work expeditiously to conclude the matter.”

The so-called Dr masqueraded on social media as a 24-year-old doctor and gained popularity with almost 300 000 followers on Tik Tok. However, rumours he was a fake medic started swirling at the weekend.

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On Monday, the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) and the Gauteng Health Department confirmed that Lani was not a registered doctor working at Helen Joseph Hospital as he had been claiming on social media. Wits University, where he claimed to have graduated, also denied he graduated from the institution.

In addition, it was revealed by the Gauteng Department of Education that Lani doesn’t have a matric certificate. The department also said the bogus doctor was previously enrolled at school for pupils with special needs.

“Our official records indicate that Matthew Bongani Lani was initially enrolled at Bordeaux Primary school [Randburg] in 2007. However, he was referred to Gresswold Learners with Special Needs School in Johannesburg in January 2010,” said education department spokesperson Steve Mabona.

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In 2016, Lani reappeared on the department’s system at Fourways Adult Centre where he only passed one subject out of the three he wrote.

“Based on these records, and further verified information at our disposal from Umalusi (the education quality assurance body), we can confirm that Matthew Bongani Lani indeed does not possess a matric certificate,” said Mabona.

Lani, who has previously interviewed by a number of radio stations, is known for giving medical advice to his social media followers. He also sells weight-loss tablets on his social media platforms.