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Uber Eats: Do you tip delivery in South Africa?

Here’s what you need to know about changes to the app

Uber Eats Woolworths

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Ah, the food delivery workers of South Africa. Where would we be without an express service when we just can’t be arsed to cook? The likes of Uber Eats have made our lives easier. But what should we give them in return?

Since Uber Eats established itself as a premium food delivery service in South Africa, there has been a question mark over etiquette: Tipping hasn’t implicitly been a feature of the app, but that’s all set to change.

Do you tip for Uber Eats in South Africa?

In the last week, they have added a tipping function to the payment system. Previously, the only tips you were able to give were cash only. However, as Uber generally try and operate in a “cash-free” way, this latest update is designed to help users make life easier for themselves, and their delivery drivers.

How do you tip an Uber Eats driver?

Here’s how the new cashless system will work:

Once you have received your food, you will get the option to rate your service on a scale of one-to-five stars. After registering your feedback, a menu screen will come up, listing a range of preset amounts you can give the driver.

Alternatively, you can enter your own “custom amount”, too. Then, when you’ve settled on what you want to tip, simply click “done” and your donation will be complete.

You can still tip using notes and change rather than the app, too.

How much should I tip an Uber Eats driver?

The customary 10% will do the trick. So if you order R150 worth of food, a R15 tip is absolutely fine. If you rack up a bill of R200, R20 would be the acceptable tipping amount and so on.

Do I have to tip my delivery driver?

All tips are at your own discretion. If you feel your service was sub-par, you don’t strictly have to tip your driver.