Die Antwoord have a long history of courting controversy

Die Antwoord have a long history of courting controversy. Image via Facebook Die Antwoord

Die Antwoord: Ninja is also… Frikkie Terblanche?

Die Antwoord made headlines in 2022 for accusations against them: but did you know Ninja has a secret social media identity?

Die Antwoord have a long history of courting controversy

Die Antwoord have a long history of courting controversy. Image via Facebook Die Antwoord

Controversial zef rap-rave duo Die Antwoord made headlines in 2022 for accusations of abuse by their adopted son Gabriel “Tokkie” du Preez. Official responses from the band and their agent, Schumeck Sabottka, denied these allegations shortly after the original podcast appeared on YouTube.

The South African website posted an update in 2023, when Die Antwoord hinted at their comeback with a public April 7th social media post.

But that might not be where the story ends.

Here is more about Ninja’s social media identity, and other things you may have missed.

Die Antwoord: Ninja’s Hidden Social Media Identity

A 2019 YouTube video featuring from ZEF TV Worldwide reveals that band member Ninja has a hidden identity behind their Facebook page.

A screenshot captured from the video shows the band’s Facebook page open, but the user logged in as Frikkie Terblanche.

“Posting, commenting, and liking as Die Antwoord” from inside the page is Frikkie Terblanche – or one more alias of Ninja..

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From Frikkie Terblanche’s page, a post from October 19, 2012 says, “havin alot of fun interactin a bit on DA gaga debate as Frikkie!”

The post refers to debate surrounding the song Fatty Boom Boom, in which the group parodies Lady Gaga’s style.

Yolandi Vi$$er Became Fafo Snuffling

Band member Yolandi Vi$$er has undergone her own recent transformation, changing her own Facebook page to become “Fafo Snuffling”.

It’s not the first time the zef rap-raver has changed her identifty. Album The Ziggurat (2003) with The Constructus Corporation credited her as Anica the Snuffling.

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According to Urban Dictionary, the acronym FAFO is short for [Expletive] Around & Find Out. The expression FAFO was also tweeted from Elon Musk to Kanye West in 2022.

The change occurred some time before the band’s mysterious Easter comeback announcement.

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All previous posts from Vi$$er’s history with the band were removed from the page.

What’s stranger than fiction, is that the page continues to post anti-DA content — including the original controversial Wide Awake Podcast.

Die Antwoord Track Age of Illusion Was Produced By a South African

The song Age of Illusion hit the airwaves in 2022, featuring Die Antwoord’s music with a bizarre AI-generated video accompanying it.

Lyrics feature references to “where water babies speak Japanese”, which may in turn be a reference to an 1864 fairytale novel called The Water Babies. But that’s not the only thing that you may have missed.

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If you paid attention to the credits, then you may have noticed the producer was listed as Nazieg Iseppi.

Nazieg is a producer that you may know, even if you don’t: he has worked with some of South Africa’s biggest acts, including Jack Parow and Nonku Phiri… And now Die Antwoord.