DA’s Multi-party Charter

DA’s Multi-party Charter says the ANC has squandered the trust South Africans due to poor governance for 30 years. Image: File/Fotor

DA’s Multi-party Charter poised to ‘rescue Mzansi’ in 2024 vote

Economic growth and job creation are how the DA’s Multi-party Charter will ‘rescue Mzansi’ in the 2024 elections, says its leader …

DA’s Multi-party Charter

DA’s Multi-party Charter says the ANC has squandered the trust South Africans due to poor governance for 30 years. Image: File/Fotor

The Democratic Alliance party leader wrapped up his election campaign ahead of Wednesday’s vote by urging Mzansi to support the DA’s Multi-party Charter. John Steenhuisen wants South African’s to put corruption, poverty and unemployment in the rearview mirror and support the DA’s Multi-Party Charter, reports The Citizen.


DA’s Multi-party Charter
The official opposition (the DA’s Multi-party Charter) does not see voter apathy to unseat the ANC being an issue this week. Image: File

“Together (referring to the DA’s Multi-Party Charter) we can get to the 51% we need to rescue South Africa. For the first time, there is a clear pathway into national government. By uniting with our partners inside the Multi-party Charter, we have pooled together the biggest bloc of opposition votes since 1994,” confirmed Steenhuisen.

Made up of the IFP, FF Plus, ActionSA, ISANCO, UIM and SNP, the DA’s Multi-party Charter has centered its manifesto on the following topics. Unemployment and poverty reduction through economic growth and a return to global competitiveness. The plan was presented earlier in the year by ActionSA’s Herman Mashaba. As a coalition, the parties represent the biggest alternative political bloc to the ANC ever. When the 29 May 2024 vote concludes, they will cobble together their electoral wins based upon the following agreed principles …


DA’s Multi-party Charter
Each party has its own politics, but the will combine their efforts and votes in the 2024 election. Image: File
  • The DA’s Multi-party Charter aims to return South Africa to a position of leader for innovation and investment globally.
  • One goal is to cap the debt-to-GDP ratio annually, thereby establishing fiscal discipline on government borrowing.
  • It will introduce legislation to protect land, capital and intellectual property rights.
  • It shall seek to create competitive local manufacturing and production capacity.
  • It vows to target the general fuel levy, reform fuel taxes, and deregulating the sector to markedly reduce fuel prices.
  • Enhance value for money in government expenditure on infrastructure.
  • Unleash the full potential of the SMME in the informal sector.
  • Raise the SMME VAT threshold to R5-million turnover and exempt small businesses from all labour legislation other than the Basic Conditions of Employment Act.
  • Introduce visa reform to allow the skilled workers to enter the country and grow our skills base.
  • Improve the quality of education through the depoliticisation of the education system.
  • Reintroduce teacher training colleges and implement performance-linked remuneration to ensure the delivery of quality education.


DA’s Multi-party Charter
With stunts like the rushing of the completely unworkable NHI bill, the ANC hopes to hold onto its majority by a slender margin. Image: File

Steenhuisen also remarked that, “The ANC will lose the outright majority it has abused for decades. This is because it subjected the people to unemployment, corruption and misrule. We will close the ANC chapter of our history once and for all. And a new chapter will begin.”

Independent polls in the run-up to Wednesday’s election predict the DA to land roughly 20.5% of the vote, which is similar to previous elections. Nevertheless, Steenhuisen vowed to bring the best municipal and provincial leadership to government, as it has done in the Western Cape. “If we sit back and allow a coalition between the ANC, EFF and MK – aided by sell outs like the PA – our tomorrow will be far, far worse than our yesterday,” concluded Steenuisen.


DA’s Multi-party Charter
It’s time to have your say … Image: Duncan P Walker

Would you vote for DA’s Multi-party Charter in the 2024 National Elections? Despite their combined efforts, the charter maintains each individual party has its own unique policies you should consider. Be sure to share your thoughts with our audience in the comments section below. And don’t forget to follow us @TheSANews on X and The South African on Facebook for the latest updates. Check out the top trending articles on our website, too …