Curro is once again trending as kids head back to school. Image via X: @CURRO_SCHOOLS

Curro is once again trending as kids head back to school. Image via X: @CURRO_SCHOOLS

Parental peer pressure? Curro is trending again – here’s why

Today kids all over the country headed back to school after a long break and once again, Curro is trending as SA discusses their fees.

Curro is once again trending as kids head back to school. Image via X: @CURRO_SCHOOLS

Curro is once again trending as kids head back to school. Image via X: @CURRO_SCHOOLS

The festive season has come to an abrupt end here in South Africa and for many families, it’s right back to reality. All of the festivities are over and many are preparing their children for the school year that lies ahead as the start of school kicks off this week.

As usual, a number of the first day of school photos have headed online. This has led to a discussion about private schools and public schools and whether or not the pricier option is worth it.

One private school in particular — Curro — is once again trending.

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Most parents dream of sending their kids to the best schools and institutions but for many South Africans, this dream is a very distant reality.

As many children headed back to school on Wednesday 17 January this year, a big discussion has once again been started online about one private school in particular – Curro.

Curro school
South African parents are once again debating whether Curro’s prices are worthwhile. Image via Twitter: @Aashiek

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The institution was first founded in 1998 and is currently headed by Andries Greyling.

What makes the school so interesting is the small classes, the attention to detail, and the wide varieties of activities and curriculum kiddies are exposed to.

But with all the attention to detail comes a hefty price tag – something many South Africans feel is way too much.

SA weighs in

Every year, thousands of proud parents headed online to share snaps of their little ones in their uniforms. Curro parents are no different.

Interestingly, parents of Curro children appear to be a target for criticism as app users debate the quality of the school and why people are so interested in sending their children there.

Here are some of their comments:

“Your child could go to a township primary school and still be 10x better than the one who went to Curro, so don’t beat yourself up parents, The gift comes from God not the institution,” one person wrote while another said:

“When people show off their new cars/homes/clothes/BBLs, we rejoice and congratulate them. When people show off finally being able to take their kids to Curro, we shame them and call them names. Siphi apha?”

While a third wrote:

“Peer pressure isn’t something that happens to kids only, somewhere in South Africa there’s a parent who is deep in debt and their kids go to Curro only because they are in a secret competition with their neighbours”

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