Man creates a ‘cuddle curtain’

Photo: Facebook/Miriam Cauvin

Man creates a ‘cuddle curtain’ to hug his grandmother [video]

A man from England recently went viral after he created the ‘cuddle curtain’ in order to hug his grandmother and protect her from possible infection.

Man creates a ‘cuddle curtain’

Photo: Facebook/Miriam Cauvin

A man from Stratford-upon-Avon, a town in England’s West Midlands, recently created a ‘cuddle curtain’ in order to hug his grandmother.

As social distancing prohibits people form hugging their loved ones, Antony Cauvin decided to devise a plan in order to do just that.

The ‘cuddle curtain’

According to The Independent, the 29-year-old plasterer came up with the ingenious device in order to finally be able to give his grandmother Lily a hug.

It is said that the cuddle curtain consists of a plastic see-through shower curtain, complete with plastic sleeves to ensure no part of the body comes into contact with the other person during a hug.

“We giggled about it but thought, ‘this could actually work’, so we took it up to my grandparents and put it up in the garden while they were in the conservatory,” Antony later told Sky News after a video of him hugging his grandmother went viral.

“Really it’s bizarre that you can buy a clear shower curtain, I don’t know why they sell them given you would think you would want privacy, however they do sell them so I bought one. Then I bought some shoulder-length sleeves, which I could fix by putting the holes through the plastic, tape them up and then put your arms through and wrap your arms around somebody.”

Of course, it should be noted that the curtain can be used again, as the sleeves and the curtain itself are disinfected after each hug so that someone else can have a go, according to Antony.

Going viral

The video captured by his wife Miriam shows the emotional moment Antony and Lily got to hug for the first time in months. Since being uploaded to Facebook, the footage has been viewed millions of times and garnered more than 180 000 shares on Facebook alone.